Class Issues Over the Centuries in the Novel "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier

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In the novel Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, which was published in 1971, there exists a monstrous attention on social class and what position you were in at the time this novel was written and published. When we first look upon the main character of the story, it is immediately evident that it was into a society in which specific privileges are granted upon multiple groups.

Mrs. De Winter has an low income class to high income class type change throughout the novel. She beings as a young payed partner and then abruptly finds herself as the head woman of Manderley. Even with such a high position, she never completely gets over herself from being stuck in the low class. She is constantly worried about what the servants of Manderley think if her, was she as amazing and beautiful as Rebecca, or was she just an ordinary lower class type of woman with no self confidence. When you look at an example as this with the situation with Mrs. Van Hopper, don’t you wonder if the upper class believed in their own morals. One thing is that is positive is that Mrs. Van Hopper was so blinded by her own arrogant and vulgar self, that her companion slipped out of her reach and lead into the love between the Narrator and Maxim De Winter.

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Social standing comes along the lines with the current influence of power and money are distinct throughout the story to depict how the lower and upper class groups were mislead by others who were in a higher social class. Thought history, we have constantly endorsed a precaution in society. Even if it is amounts the poor and rich, working class and high class, and even an aristocrat and a servant. Social class was blatantly brought upon when we confronted the heroine of the story; the Narrator as she is an apprentice to Mrs. Van Hopper. Clearly, this woman comes from a higher social class than her apprentice as you can examine how that alters her behavior and material privilege.

The greatest was to depict how troublesome it is for the Narrator to fit in to an aristocrat image is during the fancy ball. She was elated to dress up and to display herself to the guests attending the fancy ball but her anticipation was concluded and cut short by cold blooded Mrs. Danvers. She had indeed managed to set her up and caused her to dress up identical to how Rebecca had the past year. Post the disgrace, the Narrator was bound to put on an uncomplicated old boring dress that portrayed her factual colors. “ I put on the blue dress and shoes that went with it. I might have been my old self again, going down to the lounge of the hotel with Mrs. Van Hopper.” (Du Maurier Ch.17 p.225) As it she comes to her realization, the Narrator’s sensation is that she will never come close to the expectancy of the high class.

Bernhard frank is a literary analyzer who considers the controversy of classes is exposed in Rebecca. Frank is convinced that Manderley symbolizes the destruction of the English way of life that was known at the time. Rebecca has primary been viewed as a romance novel with twists and turns and ups and downs in every chapter. As Manderley is surrounded by red rhododendrons, it many very well symbolize Maxims crime and all the bad that has taken part in Rebecca.“The rhododendrons stood fifty feet high, twisted and entwined with broken, and they had entered into an alien marriage with a host of nameless shrubs.” (Ch.1 p.2) The central topic in his essay is the extensive differences amidst the Narrator and Rebecca. These analytical differences amongst the Narrator and Rebecca foretell the conclusion of Manderley and the colossal switch to England in the near future. The mysteriousness of Manderley embarks the book on its crazy and hectic journey, and also tops off the novel.

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