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Class Reflection: the Importance of Andragogy and Pedagogy

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As a graduate student, I can say without a doubt that Andragogy is important to learning in higher education. I say that with an asterisk beside the statement. While it is important, depending on your major, is how much Andragogy is used. An example of this would be: I am an undergraduate student who is majoring in History and I am taking MAT 150 and History 445. As someone who is not “the best” when it comes to math, I am always looking for ways to try and understand what my professor was trying to explain to me. On the other hand, I am in a senior level history class with other history and social studies education majors.

Andragogy while it could be used is not going to be used as much as it would be in a freshman math course. When I was working on my Bachelor’s degree I took BIOLOGY 101 and EDUC. 346 Social Studies Methods in Secondary Education. Overall, math and science is by far not my favorite subject. I struggled to pass both of them while I was an undergraduate student. I was always trying to find different ways to be able to understand what my professor was trying to explain to me. I feel that many students who were in the class with me were feeling the same way. In my education class, it was not a big deal when it came to andragogy. All of the students in the class were obviously social studies education majors and the content came quite easy to us.

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One of the most notable pros I feel when it comes to pedagogy is the use of it in elementary and secondary education. Those who want to teach in that academic setting should use pedagogy and instruct it as best as they can. As someone who wants to teach college level history classes, I am wanting my class to be more research based and fact finding rather than a class having to try and learn history and teaching them how to learn it. Down the road I am wanting to become a decorated Professor of History, publish many texts, and teach graduate level and some undergraduate level history courses. By that point, majority of those classes will have those who want and are ready to learn history. So teaching andragogy I feel won’t be as used as much in that particular setting.

When a community college or a university as an adjunct hires me, I plan to incorporate andragogy. I plan to use it in different courses that can allow me to deliver content to those who may or may not be a history major. Once I have either my Ph.D. or Ed.D, I plan to teach graduate level courses in history and or education. By that point, I will have students who are either completing a Master’s or Doctorate degree in one of those fields and they will tend not to need Andragogy compared to an undergraduate class.


Students are using styles to learn content. The big picture of both styles is wanting to grasp information and how they can use it. The difference is what they want to do with the knowledge.


Students are learning on their own. Learners are more diverse and have expierence in what they are learning. Students are relating to content through life experiences.


Pedagogy is more learning based on the instructor. Students are told what is expected of them in order to be able to advance to the next level. Students are driven by grades as well.


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