Climate Change and the Changes in the Ocean It Causes

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A, 2018 study by a scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, found the seventeen warmest years on record, since 2001, sixteen of them have occurred. Climate change is a defining issue in our world today. The earth’s experiencing shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, to droughts occurring around the world. The unpredicted scale of climate change occurs around the world. The earth is warming at a rapid rate and will increase if nothing is done. The world is entering a period of climate change that Katharine Hayhoe has called “global weirding.” Seasons around the world change and people wonder why all this is happening. Climate change affects our world through the rapid increase of temperature. Causes of climate change consist of fossil fuels, sea levels rising, and drought.

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Climate change is a major crisis on the earth, scientists have provided causes to global warming. In his article, “Sea level Change,” Deirdre S. Blanchfield describes some of the causes of climate change and describes what’s happening to the atmosphere, such as fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, and meltage. The causes, Blanchfield describes, gives evidence why humans are to blame for global warming: The burning of fossil fuels plays a major role in climate change. Coal and oil release an increase in greenhouse gas, particularly carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere. These pollutants absorb heat from the earth and trap them, preventing the gases from escaping into the lower atmosphere. Climate change could cause ice cap melting as well, which would raise sea levels and flood many of the world’s largest cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London (1).

Blanchfield points out that greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide are a major effect on global warming. The more carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere, the higher the temperatures will rise. Carbon dioxide is a natural and man-made gas, but carbon dioxide has risen twenty-five percent through the past 125 years. Human activity through industries, especially the industrial revolution, increased the atmosphere intake of carbon dioxide. Fossil fuel burning such as natural gases, coal, and oil, are sources to the release of carbon dioxide. In this article, Ron Crouse describes how carbon dioxide is released naturally. He states, “Carbon dioxide uptake by plants during photosynthesis, and release by animals during respiration also influences the amount of atmospheric C02.” The carbon dioxide rising into the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect. More thermal energy gets trapped by the atmosphere, causing the earth to increase in temperature, damaging life on our planet.

Sea levels around the world have risen seventeen centimeters in the last century. Over the past decade, sea levels have risen at twice the rate. This problem will not stop and the rate will continue to increase. Ron Crouse says, “Because of the high capacity of water, the oceans can absorb and hold much more solar energy than the air. When the oceans reradiate this stored energy back toward space, it is changed to infrared radiation. The greenhouses gases in the atmosphere absorb some of this infrared radiation, which warms the atmosphere.” This causes the temperature to rise due to fossil fuels being absorbed by the ocean. The natural causes and human-made causes of this climate change problem combine together, which rapidly increases the process of global warming. The atmosphere and oceans move heat around the world. As this author says in the article, “This increases sea levels, because warmer water occupies more volume than cooler waters.” the glaciers and ice polars in the arctic is melting. As the temperatures rise due to fossil fuels, the glaciers will continue to melt, which will lead the sea levels rising. Lauren Duncan, states a tremendous fact that shows how much the sea levels are rising. She says, “About 20,000 years ago, ice-covered about thirty percent of the earth’s surface. Global sea levels were about 350 feet lower than its present-day level.” Ice now only covers approximately ten percent of the ocean. This process will continue to happen, but at a much faster rate if we do nothing about climate change. Major cities will be covered from the ocean if we do nothing. National Geographic featured an article on their projections towards the future. By the time 2050 arrives the city of Miami is ask the most risk from flooding than any other area around the world. Whether or not we believe human activity causes climate change, the reality of this problem cannot be denied: We as a world are at a risk and the risk is accelerating.

As the drought worsens around the world, links towards climate change and drought are being examined. Temperatures around the world are higher in the present day than they have ever been. Climate change will continue to affect the areas around the world that usually tend to get plenty of water. Drought will continue and worsen because of climate change. Blanchfield describes the cycle of drought, he says, “ Drought then becomes a cycle that feeds on itself: lack of trees reduces the amount of water vapor given off into the atmosphere; lack of topsoil reduces water retention. The result is that local rainfall is reduced, and the rain that does fall runs off and is not absorbed.” This problem he describes in his article has already started. California, Texas, and Australia has been going through major droughts, and forests are burning. Ninety percent of Texas was experiencing this problem of drought. Other parts of the world will experience this problem if nothing gets done.

Climate change has hurt our world long enough. Humans need to start caring for the world and address this problem. The world is at risk, Scientist Naomi Oreskes clearly says, “The evidence is mounting that scientists have underpredicted the threat. Perhaps this is another reason — along with our polarized politics and the effect of fossil-fuel lobbying — we have underreacted to reality, now unfolding before our eyes, of dangerous climate change.” The time has come for the world to adopt costumes reducing the act of climate change.   

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