Climate Change: Deforestation of Amazon Forest

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“What is causing climate change Amazon Deforestation?” Cattle Ranching is causing the Amazon Deforestation. “What can we do to help this situation?” What we can do to help is by buying some land, reducing the wood and paper, and trying try to eat less beef. “But what if we don’t want to help?” Then don’t expect the world to get better if we don’t do anything about it, we want this world to get better and not by itself, we also have to help with something, some of us act like the Amazon Forest is the only problem we have right now and it's not there’s other things also getting destroyed like the Ice age, its melting because of the hot climate as well and animals struggle each day to find food for them to eat, the climate that they want has melted away because of the heat.

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Even half of California got on fire I can guarantee that trees were also burnt down, the more we lose trees the less oxygen we’ll have. “But if we were to help wouldn’t it be too expensive?” It doesn’t matter if it’s too expensive that shouldn’t matter, money doesn’t keep us alive it’s the oxygen from the trees that do. “And if we were to help what would we have to do to save the trees?” The best thing to do is to plant new trees for the animals to have food and be able to survive. “I really don’t think this would work even if all of us were to help out”. Well you’re wrong because people are even doing their best to help out the sea turtles by picking up the trash so that the animals that are in the sea don’t die because of the plastic that they eat and yet they’ve made such a great impact on that, hundreds of people got together and helped out on everything, so I really don’t know how we can’t help out the Amazon Forest when we’re at risk of getting carbon instead of oxygen. “I still think it isn’t a good idea messing with nature.” We’re not messing with nature we’re helping out to what nature gave us and we’re trying to find a way to help nature by growing new trees and giving more oxygen. “Why do you think it’s a good thing to help nature?” Because nature is beautiful and it needs to be taken care of no matter the circumstances, nature is giving us the oxygen we need in order to breathe and live. 

“I don’t think animals need trees.” Yes they do?! Animals are the main reason we’re doing this, some animals had these trees as their shelter, almost all the animals in the rainforest are omnivores, so yes, animals really do need these trees. “Do you even know how bad the rainforest is? Yes, everything burnt down so bad that even some animals died, everything burnt down, the forest used to be green and beautiful and now it’s brown and destroyed. You see we need to try our best to save the forest just like everything else animals have a right to live too, not just humans and i'm not saying that all humans are dying i'm just saying that we’re in danger also with all the fires and people shooting we might be next you never know so if we don’t fix this let’s just say things are going to get a lot worse for all of us not just for some. And not all of us are going to be happy with the idea of us getting killed and not being capable of doing something about it, because we all know we can, some of us just don’t want to. But we have to do our best everyday to save the world, we are entering a new decade and I want the world to have that much destruction, with the Amazon Forest we actually had oxygen coming out from it and now half of that oxygen is gone because of how the amazon forest burning down, Some of the animals in that forest probably have trouble finding its food. 

I really want to save this world by doing something about it but once I get the money that I need I will, I will do whatever it takes for the world that I was born in, to be back the way it was because nothing is worse than losing what you love or what makes you happy.



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