Climate Change is Real Or Made Up

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Can you look at our planet and say we have done a good job Maintaining it. The world is slowly becoming a victim of the crimes us humans have posed against it. The future is not looking bright for our upcoming generation due to fact that people are not taking concern that climate change is real. There is no escape from the truth that world is changing around us. Climate change is impacting the world as we speak, sea levels are rising, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, and ecosystems are being destroyed.The Environment is slowing being eaten apart like fruit. Mankind needs to come together and step up to fulfill its necessary duties.

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To start off, ice sheets and glaciers are melting rapidly worldwide like a icicle. The sea levels are being risen, causing flooding and droughts throughout parts of the world. Lakes and rivers which are a vital drinking sources for many people are becoming polluted. For example, the Artic is warming twice as fast with 4 million people living in it. This is putting impact on the sea life, mining and oil development. As the ocean absorbs carbon the water becomes more acidic, more toxic and more dangerous.

Moving along, the green house effect which results to the warming the atmosphere is also contributing to climate change. Human activities such as burning fossil fuels and oil has increased the C02 in the air. Temperatures are skyrocketing which would lead to evaporation and precipitation, but for some regions will vary. Global warming is flying past our heads as we just starting to notice it.

Nevertheless, animal habitats and ecosystems are being eradicated due to heat conditions they are facing. For example, due to warmth of the climate, some animals are struggling to the adaptions and some are going extinct. Agriculture also faces a major threat due to climate change, Farmers and crop growers face a hard time managing to grow their livestock with the unexpected weather conditions. The environment can be changed but can change be the environment. The world is seeking out for help, lets be the support that it needs.

In summary, action is required to reflect on our past decisions made on the environment. Ocean levels, temperature and ecosystems are being affected as we speak. Ignoring this issue of climate change will continue to reap the consequences towards the future to come.It is now time to rise up for the challenge and take back our earth.

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