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Clothing As A Sign Of Power

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I am not an anthropologist or a sociologist, but it does not take many studies to know that since we raised our spine and became bipedal, human beings have always tried to differentiate themselves. Forgive me if I’m swinging in something that does not concern me, but since time immemorial, man has used furs, paintings and ornaments to decorate himself and look for a sign of identity within his group. Throughout the centuries, clothing has served to differentiate us. It may have been the easiest way to make our identity recognizable to the rest. The shaman of a tribe, the Egyptian slave or the Roman emperor have always distinguished themselves from others through their clothes. Only in this way could they identify themselves without problem and, what is more important, they demonstrated to others the power they had.

From the feudal lord who took care of his wealth in the castle, reviewing his armor again and again, even the director of a stock market empire in his Ferragamo suit, we all want to shine above the others for mere animal competitiveness. I do not know to what extent this will be so, but for some reason, we all have within us a more or less obvious instinct to excel over the great social mass. Why do we use clothes for this purpose? It may be the easiest and fastest way, even the most effective to reach a large audience. Do we dress well by giving the image we want to the rest? Of course.

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Is it superficial to worry about what we are going to put on each morning? Yes. Is it superficial to watch a reality show on TV while we have dinner with our partner? Yes. Is it superficial to be interested in the world of motorsports? Yes. Is it superficial to organize a wedding? Yes. Is gardening superficial? Yes. Life is full of superficiality, but that’s not bad. I do not know about you, but I think that Leonardo da Vinci himself could not be inventing all day. I suppose that much of his day would be spent in the idle art of doing nothing. There is no need to be 365 days a year, posing existential dilemmas, reading about quantum physics or going to the theater. The superficiality evades usand we should not take it as something bad, but quite the opposite.

The superficiality evades us of what is really important , it takes away iron from our lives and allows us to enjoy. A superficial habit does not make a person superficial . When a boy likes fashion, that particular fact does not make him a hollow head without personality. It is compatible the taste for fashion with other hobbies or with other ways of seeing life that balance the whole. In his post, Bernatt complained about being superficially branded by others if he said that for the next season feathers were going to be the star element. You can be superficial if the feathers occupy the central axis of your life. As, unless you are a famous editor of Vogue, fashion does not occupy the center of any life , no one should be considered superficial because he likes to see on Youtube the video of the last Chloé show. Is fashion dispensable? Yes. Is it enjoyable to enjoy? Do not.


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