Cloud-based Vs. Server-based Solutions - Which One is Better for Your Practice?

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If you run a medical practice and are thinking of revamping your processes by introducing an IT solution, then the first choice you need to make is between cloud systems and server-based systems. For a majority of medical practitioners, cloud solutions have become the most obvious pick due to their many advantages over their older server-based counterparts. Here are some of the benefits that you can accrue by selecting a cloud-based solution for your healthcare facility:

  1. Lowered Monetary Implication – The overall cost associated with a cloud-based system is much lower than that attached to a server-based system. An absence of physically present servers onsite which leads to faster implementation and minimal maintenance cost is one of the main reasons for this reduced financial burden. Besides, a smaller monthly subscription fee instead of a large sum for an unlimited license also helps in bringing the overall costs down.
  2. Higher Mobility and Collaboration Potential – The information stored on a cloud-based system is more easily accessible because the software is not installed on specific hard drives as is the case with server-based systems. Instead, the applications are accessible through the Internet and, therefore, can be run on any machine from any part of the world. This enhanced accessibility helps in improving collaboration among various stakeholders including physicians, patients, case managers, social workers, and administrative staff.
  3. Easy Maintenance and Support – Most cloud-based applications come with a guarantee of maintenance and support services provided by the vendor. Vendor-managed system support is an important feature as it enables you to quit worrying about any software malfunction and user issues interrupting the flow of work. Repairing defects, running regular updates and taking care of application security are all responsibilities that are outsourced which in turn helps you and your staff focus on other critical patient care-related aspects.
  4. Scope For Expansion – The problem with server-based software solutions is that they leave very little room for expansion and growth. On the contrary, cloud-based systems are scalable as their structure is dependent on the number of users as well as the level of functionality being used. With an increase in the size of the user base and a need for additional features, the application can be reconfigured to fit the revised user requirements.

Clearly, cloud-based solutions trump over their predecessors by providing solutions that are cost-effective, more accessible, and scalable. Cloud-based applications can support a host of medical processes like licensing, credentialing, billing, and health record maintenance. Mirra Healthcare is an organization that provides all of these services through cloud-supported solutions for medical ventures of all types and sizes. If you are thinking of moving to cloud-based solutions for your organization, Mirra can prove to be a worthy partner in your journey.

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