Co-Curriculum Activities: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Co-curriculum Activities: Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Introduction
  • The Benefits
  • The Drawbacks


Co-curriculum activities have a huge role in shaping the mental health of its participants. The main contributors include the improvement of self-esteem, social skills, leadership skills, optimistic thinking and relieved from academic. By contrast, negative effects such as frustration and tired feeling, time-consuming and study difficulties make co-curriculum activities less effective. Our group supports the argument that co-curriculum activities ensure good mental health.

The Benefits

The first benefit of co-curriculum activities is the improvement of self-esteem. Self-esteem means opinion about us or how we value and perceive ourselves. Students who constantly receive critical or negative assessments from family members or friends will like experience low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem will most likely cause mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. If a student joins a co-curriculum activity, he or she is offered a chance to develop and master skills in a fun and relaxed environment. Skill development leads to an increase in confidence, which in turn will lead to higher self-esteem. So, co-curriculum activities can be seen as a crucial side education that can assist in ensuring good mental health.

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Another benefit of co-curriculum activities is developing social skills. Social skill is the ability to communicate with other people. Schools can be lonely places for some students who have the difficulty in making friends and extracurricular activities provide a venue for more social interaction. Co-curriculum activities allow teens to be surrounded by individuals who have shared interests and experience. One way or another, students will find friends to spend time together. If they are prone to anxiety or depression, the people they relate may become a negative influence on them. Co-curriculum activities are a positive and productive way for students to stay out of the wrong crowd which could lead to more risky behaviour.

Third benefit of co-curriculum activities is leadership skills. Leadership skill is an essential part in positioning others and make decisions about their organization's goals. Unfortunately, most of students in Malaysia did not have good leadership skills. It is because Malaysia education system is not perfect to make sure the co-curriculum run smoothly. For example, students can carry out your own project. You can gain more leadership experience when you are leading a project in your interest field. Besides that, students can do volunteer work at orphanages, old folks home and cleaning work at school or your residential area. Students also can join student council in your university. However, joining student council is no easy, you have to elected by your colleagues students. Becoming a student council, you will leaders others, responsible to students and help others to solve the problem. Therefore, Leadership skills is a benefit of co-curriculum activities and all the students must train leadership skills in university level.

Besides leadership skills, the other advantage of co-curriculum activity is optimistic thinking. Optimistic thinking is a mindset that people think positive, gratitude to others and be happy. Students encourage to attend a competition based on students' forte. When the students win the competition, he or she will be more optimistic and become more confident. For example, students also can get involved in student politics. Students can gain confident and debating skills when involving in politics field. Optimistic thinking is important for student to ensure their mental health.

Last but not least, improvement in academic performance is an advantage of co-curriculum activities. Co-curriculum can make sure our academic result as fly in colour. Active in co-curriculum especially chess club and debate club can improve your brain function. Besides that, students will train in better time management and more concentration when studying. For example, activities can train the stamina and maintain good mental health when we join ball type club such as basketball club, badminton club, volley club, swimming club and other exercises club. We can conclude that participating in co-curriculum activities can improve students academic performance.

The Drawbacks

On the other side, time-consuming is a major factor that students should consider carefully before signing up on activities. Not all students have the ability to control their time wisely. Thus, if students do not have a proper schedule and time management skills, it may affect their grades. As a result, students may face difficulties to spare time on that day for extra music lesson and leisure. However, students can solve this problem by choosing an easy event or having a study schedule. For example, students can have their co-curriculum activities once in a week or students can have their study time before bed every day.

Students may end up choosing activities that need full attention and this may lead to study difficulties. However, students can hardly deny the urge to continue the activities and forget about their priorities such as studies and involve in family events. Similarly, students prefer running from priorities and focus on co-curriculum to live the passion. For example, if students choose to participate in a sports event on the state level, it is natural that students may have their practice five days a week. This in a long period of time can leads to study difficulties. Thus, students must have the mindset to understand what is priorities the most.

Frustration and tiredness may also experience by students once the event hour is too long or students choose the activities they don't like. It creates pressure and stress for students that lead unnecessarily emotion. Students may feel the day continue without any break through a tight and never- ending schedule. Although this does not affect students academic but it leads to mental illness, thus co-curriculum is an extra activity but should be control wisely. As we all know, co-curriculum activities often held after class or throughout the day. As a result, whole day event do not let students have the time for a breath.

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