Coach: History, Mission and Vision of the Company

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Coach was formed as a family business in 1941. At the biginning the company stated operate in a small loft at 34th street New York City. Their goal was to build attractive and useful itmes in modern forms from the best leathers, so their designe were very simple style and resitable for day-to-day use. The firm offers collection of diversified merchandise such as handbags, wallets, and outerwear. Originally firm was creating and vending only wallets and pocketbooks till Miles and Lillian Cahn’s take the decision to redefined the brand hooked on a handbag manufacturer. The Co-founder Miles and Lilian Cahn’s innovative tactic to the leather processing facilitated to expand the business into the women’s leather handbags market. In 1961 Coach Inc. employed its first stylish, Bonnie Cashin, who create a new atmosphere into the firm. Her capacity gave significantly to Coach’s recognition and success of becoming the first North American style firm in the market place.

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Coach accomplished to develop continuously and become the multinational American leather; In 1979 Lewis Frankfort start working as Vice President, his knowledge helped significant on transform the firm into the Word renowned brand; Was under his management that Coach Inc. in 1981 opened their first retail store. However, years later 1985 the family business was selling to Sara Lee Corp. with the compromise that as a new owner, their will development more the firm. Was in this way that coach start operated 12 retails store like Macy’s. Besides, parent with others company or retail in 2000 was how Coach passed from a small leather manufacturer with just 6 workers to a large multinational firm with more than 13, 000 employees worldwide, 960 directly operated globally and more than $4 billions annual revenue. In 2011 Coach was operates as a retailer in more than 20 countries with 1100 retail stores. Coach time honored history of seventy-seven years of quality craftsmanship with the expansion of their innovasion through technology. The brands approach with a free–spirited attitude of individuality and diversity to captitavate consumers globally.

The industry’s attractive rating allows it to demand to customers who would not typically reflect acquiring luxury brand goods. The quality and styling of its products are adequate to satisfy old-style luxury clients. In detail, it’s quality, styling, and cost mix was so influential that wealthy females of North America categorized this industry forward of much more luxurious luxury brands as Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Hermes and Gucci. Coach's most important competition in North America does not take place in the United States. The handbag marketplace is mainly dominated by European businesses such as: Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and others. In other word, these luxury industries are the top price point in the accessories market with handbag prices with excess over $1,000. Coach purses are labeled as "reasonable luxury" items.


Coach mission statements is to offer self expression, creativity and indivduality so all can obatin modern luxury world wide and keep inspired by its rich heritage. The global house of brand which holds the exploration of individually. In view of this mission are reflect through some fundamental value such as:

To express their distinct personality and exceptional language to customer.

Freedom of expression that ignite self-confidence and genuineness.

And style which isn’t about money, its about openness and expressing yourself without worry that anyone else will get it.


The vision statement of Coach has led to a tapestry of obtainable modern luxury merging with fellow innovative brands. Its future joins two fashion houses bringing each its own individuality feminist, sensuality. The focus of reaching a competing level luxury fashion houses such as Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. In other word they want to be the top leather and be the company to target market on upper and middle class.

As a brand that has constantly focused on a lady’s confidence. The philanthropic focus offering young ladies help, certainty and to excel to their full potential. Their $3 million give to Step Up will help extend its programming in under-resourced urban networks, at last interfacing 3,000 young ladies in six urban areas to a system of ground-breaking ladies who can motivate them to transform enormous dreams into huge plans. “Coach believes in helping young women to find their voices, to sharpen their sense of self-worth, and to seize their full potential.”

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