Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of Practitioners

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct provides clear description of expectations of practitioners as well as their fellow beings. It focuses on behavior and ideas and ideals important and compulsory for profession. Main motive of this code is to build confidence and help every participant to perform well. The reputation, trustworthiness and reliability of profession depend on combined work, conduct, performance of individual member. Thus, for success confidence is enhanced by adoption of profession wide understanding of required behavior. Advancement can be brought about individually as well as collectively. This code will also help to take wise decisions in difficult situations where compromise is asked for one’s values, honesty, and sincerity. This code is applied to all PMI Members. Those who are not members of PMI are applicable on the basis of PMI Certificate holding member, who apply to initiate PMI Certification process and who perform duties for PMI efficiently, without thinking about own profit to achieve mission and goals for improvement and enhancement. Structure of codes involves code of ethics and conduct divided into sections containing standards of conduct. There are also comments which provide clarification, examples. Glossary found at the end of standards, defines words and phrases.

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It is the duty to own possession for decisions, take actions which failed to make and outcomes, result of activities. As a practitioner’s all decisions, actions are taken for society, public safety and environment. Decisions, actions are related with skills, qualification, and experience of members. All the commitments are fulfilled and errors are corrected immediately. Confidential information is protective and kept secretive. As far as regulations and legal requirements are concerned, rules, policies, laws are followed to regulate work and profession. Any immoral and unlawful conduct is reported to manager, ethical complaints are brought into notice of body to resolve. Only those complaints having fact are filed.


Respect is ultimate duty of practitioner to show regards for others, themselves as well as resources assigned to them. These resources can be people, money, natural environmental resources, and safety for others. Respect leads to evolution of confidence, trust among members and excellence in their performance by cooperation and encouragement of different opinions, views of members. These all are attained by listening to views and opinions, trying to understand them. Those persons with who there is conflict are approached directly. They conduct in a respectful manner with regard not expecting same in return. Compulsory requirements for practitioners involve that they should settle and resolve any matter with faith, property rights of other members are respected, they don’t behave in an humiliating manner and don’t utilize their power, position to pressurize decisions taken by others for profit at own personal level harming others.


It is the duty to make decisions and act without partially and by focusing opinions, ideas, motives. Main intention of conduct should be free from own advantage, benefit, judgments, actions causing damage and unfair treatment for others. As a practitioner in global market they demonstrate transparency in decision making process. They re-examine, reevaluate their intentions, goals and actions for others taking corrective decisions. Those who are allowed to have information easy and quick access is provided to them and for qualified candidates equal opportunity is provided.


It is the duty to understand and act in truthful way both in communication as well as work performance or conduct. Being a practitioner, one must sincerely, seriously try to understand truth, be truthful in their communication and activities performed, provide accurate and correct information in time according to schedule, all promises and commitments made by them should be suggested with straight forwardness and faith, practitioners make efforts with struggle to create an environment in which others feel safe and comfortable to tell truth. Compulsory requirements for practitioners are that they should not get involved in dishonest behavior for own benefit at expense of others. They must not overlook and ignore behavior to cheat, misguide others, they should not make false promises and provide information describing half-truth to mislead other members.

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