Analysis of My Favorite Song Coffee House Sei Addata

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Analysis of My Favorite Song Coffee House Sei Addata

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My favorite song is Coffee Houser Sei Addata (Bangla song). I always listen to this song because it’s a song surrounded with my old memories from childhood. I still had dream about my old buddies back in my country. Whenever I listened to this song I go back to my youth days in Coffee house. Where I had arguments, thoughts, overjoyed and sorrow moments with my friends. I spend most of my childhood time in coffee house. However, coming here (USA) was very difficult situation in my life. Only worked and went to school. There weren’t no extra time or position to visit my homeland. Only way I reflect myself by listening “Coffee Houser Sei Addata”. That’s why it’s my beloved song.

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“Coffee Houser Sei Addata” artist Manna Dey. Dey was one of the best singer that India ever has. He was born May 01, 1919 in Kolkata. He speaks Hindi, Bengali, and Nepali. His career started as playback singer with the movie Tamanna in 1943. Dey’s uncle Krishna Chandra Dey inspired him to be a singer. Soon Dey became famous singer by his second movie “Mashaal”. Moreover, Manna Dey has sung thousands of songs in hindi, Bengali and Nepali language and has given stage performances throughout the world. He has received awards like National Singer of India, Padma Shri, and Padma Bhushan from the Government of India. He became very popular in Bangladesh after his sung Coffee Houser Sei Addata and received best singer award in Bengali (Cultural India). The Song “Coffee Houser Sei Addata” artist Manna Dey told story of himself and remembering of other friends. Manna Dey and his friends had such golden moments of their student life in coffee house. There were so much dramatic actions and dissimilarities. But today, truly the coffee house conversation got over. Coffee house lost them and it’s soul. As song started by saying that “Those days where we get togethers at the coffee house are no longer today. No longer today. Where have those beautiful days defunct away. They are no more those days today (Coffee Houser Sei Addata).”

The song sounds begin with gitter, suddenly move to accordion and later changed to soft beats. This lyric took audience attention by showing a old man crying and cleaning a picture with his friends. Which create a imagination act to childhood moments. Later Dey sung, “Nikhilesh is in Paris and Moidhul in Dhaka. We don’t see or hear from them anymore. The guitarist from group, Goaniz is resting peacefully in coffin. Nobody knows, what pain or shock he suffered in love. Rama Roy in a mental hospital today. Omol is in serious pain, suffering from a deadly cancer, life did not bother him at all (Coffee Houser Sei Addata).” Every Time I listened this song, reminds me about my youth friends in Bangladesh. Some are doing well and some have gone away from each other. Some suffering in financial situation or facing painful life like Omol. And I always had flashback about individuals. Furthermore, Dey started to tell more story on Coffee House, “In the same table, we used to enjoy smoking hours and hours.

Sometimes we used to talk about Bishnu Dey, and sometimes discuss about summers or rains. We used to meet at the coffee house after finishing our work. At 4 pm, we used to start our conversation, and at 7:30 pm or later night leave (Coffee Houser Sei Addata).” Even the background sound with soft beats and beautiful voice sound like an flute clipart. It’s gives me joyful and sorrow. Bring me back to my old days. Finally, Dey conclude his song by saying that, “Those 7 people not here anymore, but the table. The garden is in the same place, only new flower bloomed here. it’s just that all old gardeners are not here anymore. There are lots of dreams which emanate from this coffee house and turn into reality. There were many people who come and leave from this coffee house. People changed or might lost but the only thing never changes is this coffee house still in same place (Coffee Houser Sei Addata).” Old friends might not go to coffee house anymore but still coffee house not empty because there are new tenageers. I think the goal of this song is that people always get older and thought about their youth life. Coffee House was the setting where artist and his friend spent time. Moreover, day by day some people lost or far from coffee house. But it’s stay same for new generation. Only things we left is memories. Manna Dey influence young and old peoples in this song.

As myself reflected and thought about my old friends. It’s been 6 years I came to USA, never visited my homeland yet. So many memories in my youth life that I never forget. Listening this song I feel truly like Where has the Coffee House time, I used to spend time with my friends gone? Where have those golden days gone? Those days are no more. Believe or not in my opinion, most of the old people goes back to their childhood after hearing this song. Because, It’s create a vision on their face. Coffee Houser Sei Addata song became very popular that lots of other singer started to remix it’s sound and parts of lyrics. As I found great example of Clinamen, Adda Deyar Coffee House Tho az ar Nei by Isteaque Ahmed. Even the title of the original song is similar, here Ahmed just flip words in different categories. Ahmed also had similar sound from original song but instead of accordion instrumental sound, he used saxophone sound.

Secondly, Tessera, in the song Hajar Kobita Bekar Shobi Taar by Nachiketa Chakraborty. He also used most similar sound from original song. But he added snaps, more gitter sounds and made the beats slower with solid sound. Another way to say Chakraborty remastered it with more sounds. Thirdly, Deamonization, Adhunik Song Coffee Houser Sei Adda, by Dj Kiran. Here Kiran keep same rhythm accept little bit strong beats from original song. Lastly, Aprophades, Coffee House (cover song) by Bohubrihi Band. This band were singing because they were influenced by Dey. They sung his some other song as well, with same lyrics and tone. In Conclusion, as I said, Coffee Houser Sei Addata song is my most favorite. There are one or two line I never understood but I got kind of sense. Even I was born with speaking Bengali unfortunately never got to grasp the old written bengali. Terms of understanding the meaning of my favorite song, I feel like more understand about old Bangla. And everytime I will hear this song makes me more nostalgic.

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