Market Analysis of Cointreau and Company's Efforts to Maintain the Quality of the Business

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Founded by two brothers Adolphe Cointreau and Edouard- Jean Cointreau in 1849 started their journey in the liquor industry by first introducing the cherry flavored liquor later followed by introducing the new range of liquor by bringing bitter and sweet orange peels in to play and enjoyed a huge success worldwide. The concept of adding orange flavor to liquor and providing a new experience after using it in cocktails worked in the favor of the company. The legacy of Cointreau is now carried by their next generations of their family.

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Every year 13 million of Cointreau bottles are sold and 80% of the produced bottles are exported globally as North America is their main target market. Cointreau liquor is used in various cocktails that cab be found on their website. During our visit to Cointreau facilities we have found that the company had maintained an orange color ambience in several sections of their company to give visitors a memorable experience during their visits.

Cointreau Market Analysis

Currently Cointreau is competitor of Grand Marnier whole that additionally is concerned in liquor business that also provides the orange tasteful liquor, the distinction is that the ingredients Grand Marnier use. Grand Marnier use Cognac and bitter oranges to feature flavour to the liquor whereas the concentration of Cointreau and Grand Marnier is same i.e. 40%. Cointreau is facing a heavy competition from Grand Marnier within the field of orange tasteful liquor however because of the dedicated business team Cointreau is overcoming their challenges with gorgeous results and obtaining success in their ways against Grand Marnier. Customers are finding it troublesome to create the alternatives once it’s coming back to orange flavour liquor as each of the corporate are having a superb product however in most of the cases because of customers expertise Cointreau is winning the battle. To expand their base Cointreau additionally launched their product in Chinese market and with undefeated promoting and advertising currently Cointreau is acquainted within the minds of Chinese peoples.

Cointreau expertise a sales call in the primary 1/2 2017 which they with success repositioned their whole Remy Cointreau. Repositioned solely within the dear and fascinating section (luxury segment) it aims to achieve its sale in merchandise at quite fifty greenbacks a bottle against fifty one the day past and forty fifth in 2015. The main challenge Cointreau is facing through their major competition Grand Marnier as a result of Grand Marnier is one amongst the popular whole selection among customers once it involves cocktails and may be thought-about because the serious threat once it involves orange flavour liquors. Cointreau is golf shot their efforts and going away no stone unturned to keep up their market share and additionally increasing themselves in to the newer markets to extend their revenues. Throughout visit Cointreau mentioned that they pay major a part of their revenue on promoting and that’s wherever they’re obtaining success to succeed in new heights and setting a rock-solid commonplace to their orange tasteful liquors.

Learnings During the visit

During visit we’ve learned the many stages it takes for Cointreau to made orange color liquor. Right from the start like choice of orange peels to keep up their quality standards and style to producing and packaging of the liquor. A high normal is ready in these stages and standards area unit followed in keeping with the foundations by the dedicated team of workers concerned all told these stages. As Cointreau spends major a part of the revenue on its promoting, I might prefer to add some recommendations once it involves increasing the whole awareness among shoppers and my expertise of my visits as below.

Throughout whole visit I determined that Cointreau runs many advertising campaigns however didn’t seen their presence digitally. They ought to pay additional on digital promoting prefer to be gift on Bloggers web site and social media platforms. Cointreau ought to begin partnership with bloggers to jot down concerning their whole and will created videos for social media websites which can facilitate in building the community. Constant reviews is utilized in the Cointreau facilities to draw in guests.

Whole art gallery surroundings and atmosphere is wonderful however a separate section highlight the expertise of shoppers e.g. testimonials ought to be put in within the art gallery which can amaze guests. Cointreau has a team of proficient individuals and Cointreau liquor is essentially used whereas creating cocktails a video of creating numerous cocktails with Cointreau liquor ought to be shown because it can facilitate in rising the visitor’s expertise.

Cointreau is crafted just right and also the same factor is seen throughout the visit, additional stories or things associated with Cointreau history ought to be placed and it’ll facilitate Cointreau to provide guests a deposit visiting expertise.

The visit was valuable to expertise and the way to understand successive generations of Cointreau putt efforts to preserve there’s family heritage is superb. Throughout our visit we have a tendency to known many aspects of Cointreau ranging from their company history to the producing method and packaging and additionally tasted the cocktails that was a dynamic expertise. The efforts company is taking in up themselves and innovative and artistic ways they adopt speaks concerning the complete success. It clearly shows that Cointreau has a caliber to beat the difficulties they’re facing within the market and can be able to contend in future with their new ways.

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