College Convocation: a Celebration of Graduation

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Unbalanced exorcism, one cannot produce - the only solution is to create the layout from the beginning of the speech to the end and after several hours of practice, go to the stage. The authors do this. They do not start running pens without thinking, but before they write they prepare the structure. Make the blueprint. After that start coloring. The authors have to think about how to get started-confirming their opinion while presenting logic, facts, evidence, examples in the middle. They also make serious changes in this structure. When fully convinced, then starts writing somewhere. Speech is also a type of writing. Prior preparation of planned, written and well-organized discourse is essential. Whenever the train starts running without any track, then no matter how long it will reach, nothing can be estimated.

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When important people give important speeches, they have to make preparations. Do not get scared on the occasion, so they print it and read it in time. Convocation speeches are often printed in such a way and through the rites, they are read and heard. All speeches have been printed in the important seminars of the members of the National Assembly, of the Princeton thinkers, so that the people present on this basis before or after the end of the ceremony can get an opportunity to seriously consider it. Here students of speech art It is not being said to print and tell your speech, but it has to be done so that it should be made in advance. If you do not become self, then advice should be taken from the experts. After preparation he should repeat several times in solitude and make signage notes. This sign should be written in capital letters. It should be kept in front of the discourse on the stage so that viewers do not know this thing but they repeatedly look at it and keep going after completing second point of note.

The lecturers of big colleges and universities, who have to teach the next day-read them carefully on the first day. Prepare the note. Standing in front of the students, they keep notes and papers on 'dice'. Illustrations are continued on those signals and the teaching work is done properly. The teachers are also satisfied and the students who are studying are also happy to learn that fact in a proper manner with complete orderliness. This policy should be adopted by every speaker. He should make his notes and should keep that signaling in front of the speaker carefully.

'Rehearsal' should do every important work. Oblivion is also a natural lack of man. After many days passed, the things used to come out of the mind. That is why they have to 'frustrate' repeatedly. Singer, actor often does this. The singers, who have to be sung at the gathering stage, sing and sing at home once and then assure themselves. 

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