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College for Everyone: True Or not

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In this article Owen and Sawhill talk about should everyone go to college. He talks about how research suggests that additional education improves people’s overall well-being. One of the most important takeaways on the pay scale is that not every bachelor’s degree is a smart investment. The lifetime earnings of an education or major arts major working in the service sector are actually lower than the average lifetime earnings of a high school graduate. They find that 14 percent of people with a high school diploma make at least as much as those with a bachelor’s degree. They say that a bachelor’s degree is not a smart investment for every student. The students don’t tend to realize how much aid they are eligible for.

In this short two-page article Ungar talks about seven misperceptions. Each misperception is about a different thing. The first one is about how families can no longer afford college, The second one is about how college graduates are finding it harder to get good jobs with a liberal arts degree. The third about how the liberal arts are irrelevant to college students. Fourth about How students should not only study arts. Fifth about how a liberal education has nothing to do with politics. The sixth about how America is the only country in the world to have a form of postsecondary education as liberal arts. And the seventh one about how The cost of American higher education is spiraling out of control.

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In this article Murray talks about are too many people going to college to get their further education. The students need to know more than they are currently learning. He talks about should all of those who do have the academic ability to absorb a college-level liberal education get one? They talk about people getting an education for making how to make a living. And how college is all that people make it seem to be. They try to find ways to approach it in a different way to solve the problem that’s been going on. There must be a better way.

In this two page article Addison talks about how everyone should have an education proportional to their life. College is coming to an end and not many people want to take the time to get their education in an university. She talks about how community college makes anything and everything possible. The community college system is an American hidden public service gem. Community college offers a network of affordable future. Many people look down on community college.

In this article Graff talks about how students don’t see as much interest in learning. They learn things that they are forced too and don’t want to learn. He says that schools and colleges miss out on opportunities to teach students what they really want to know. If students were taught with something that interest them they’ll more likely be engaged with learning.

In this article Mike rose talks about his mother at work and her experiences. She didn’t have a full education and still managed to make a living and maintain a job. She learned and developed skills at her job that she would have learned at school. School isn’t the only place where you could develop your learning skills. His mother working with no education made him want to work harder and get all the education he ever needed and became successful.

In this article Ben Casselman talks about how the media and other people only focus on Harvard and big known schools like them. They tend to view higher education through the eyes of private higher education. They focus more on elite schools and not the other ones. People don’t tend to focuses too much on the other schools because their not affordable.

In this article Ben talks about people from Somali community and how it was hard for them to fit in and adapt to new change. They were not treated fairly and were disrespected to an extreme. They were harassed in the streets and even the hallways at school. They just wanted to get a good education like everybody else. The white culture felt left out. They kids left their community for a better education and people wanted to work on that to help them and fix the major problem.

In the blog it talks about if people were informed about how colleges work and if they were more engaged then they would be more likely to find jobs. It talks about careers and how people should get around them.

In this blog they talk about Higher education and how is not limited to the united states. Some of America’s great public universities are suffering. Students who attend private colleges have to pay the full sticker price. Not everyone could afford it and it’s too expensive for the students.

In this blog it talks about a medical student and her experiences and techniques she learned while on her job. An emphasis on humanity in medical school trains doctors to be better at their jobs. She gives experience about her job as a doctor. Talks about how humanities helps doctors learn more and better skills to work with their patients and succeed.

In this unique individual source they talk about how students go to college to desire their dream jobs not just for the salary. But every student has a different opinion and mid-set. College is so high that students tend to not attend. They still think college is the best path way for many students.

In this unique individual source they talk about how why right after high school students tend to think that college is the next choice. Instead of educating students on all of their options, teachers make students focus on plans to attend college. Sends the message that to be successful they need to go to college. For some people college is the right option, but it is not for everyone and students should not feel pressured to do something that is not right for them.    


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