How Ncaa Division Makes Money on College Football

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Before your Sunday and Monday nights were filled with NFL football, the kid brother college football just that Saturday before fills hundreds of millions of televisions. Saturday’s are filled with college football, the top schools in the country go to war for their chance for that National Title. College football game days has been a part of our lives for years now and it’s only getting better. So, the question strikes should college football players be paid? As college sports and the NCAA become bigger money makers fans around the country ask “how much is a scholarship really worth?”. Well the NCAA thinks it’s enough for football players to be student athletes rather than get paid from tv deals, shoe/clothing deals, etc.

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Actually, preventing players to receiving any kind of payment what so ever. Even means no ‘free’ crab legs. Fans and media think things should change, in the 2017-2018 season college football pulled 1,061,370 billion dollars. Big numbers for the NCAA, but their athletes aren’t getting paid still? Each year the NCAA receives on average 32 million dollars a year, that’s also from these athletes who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the sport they love. The rules of the NCAA states that a football players and other college athletes are not allowed to obtain any kind of payment or gifts under any curcumin stands. Football players under the NCAA rules have to play 3 years before going pro. In basketball D1 athletes only have to go to school for one year, the “One and Done” as called by some.

Play a year at their choice of college from what offers they had than go pro and make millions of dollars the following year. Basketball players are now allowed to have agents now because plays who go pro after the season contacting teams and others deals to players. In the past no agency could even touch student athletes until they confirmed they enter into the draft. Tv deals with ESPN, Fox, Hulu, and others to stream or watch the game anywhere fans want basically. Mobile streaming helps with more games being aired more people are able to tune in. Helps the NCAA and the colleges a whole lot. One of the main reasons people want change is the chance of injury and other predisposal conditions. Some players may not be able to survive 3 years of crushing blows of football and get away harm free. Years ago, a football was left pearlized, and his wife sued the NCAA for companion. Yet the NCAA never paid, due to the student-athlete “law”. Under the student-athlete “law” is a way that in the eyes of the NCAA a paid for scholarship is plenty enough. Over the year’s kids have lost their ability to go pro, due to an injury. CTE being a main concern for some, repeated blows to the head or body over time sure doesn’t do the human body a whole lot. In a way many players are willing to use their bodies as weapons in a sense for our enjoyment.

What happens when that dream is taken away? Their well-being is always a concern for schools and coaches, but is the scholarship worth as much as some of these tv deals.Football isn’t the NCAA’s biggest earner; college basketball has that with March Madness. Although football isn’t the biggest money maker, it’s more dangerous for a longer period of time. All this money in college football and the multi-million-dollar deals that the NCAA land and players are left with an unfinished degree. The problem the NCAA has with paying players, is other sports sadly just don’t make enough revenue for them. Take track against football. A football player would make way more than a track star at any college. The football teams are some of the biggest revenue makers for schools, and track well they wouldn’t make much simple the fact that not everyone is digging track n field now a days. Finicality schools or the NCAA it wouldn’t be profitable enough. Two major sports can’t rule all the others with multi-million-dollar contracts. I wouldn’t pass a little greed by it, but surely keeping your money happy is even better in the run. Money happy makes the NCAA very happy.

Almost kid like. Now paying student-athletes, in the eyes of the fan is more of a “yea, why not?” kind of attitude. For the NCAA its more of a take the scholarship, work hard, go pro. Depending on what the athletes gets in scholarship money is how good a player is. Almost like a contract deal the better players will have more of their college paid for than the less gifted if you will. Nothing says college football better than the school’s fans. Rain, snow, or shine well still have that college game day mentality watching our favorite schools battle it out on the felid. The NCAA has some thinking to do in the next couple of years, pay players what they deserve or don’t change anything and we will still tune in on those Saturday’s. The “problem” of not paying players isn’t the NCAA #1 thing on their to-do list, but why not. Isn’t that what college is for a little fun work hard play hard, get paid. College football deserves a little refresher specially when some of these coaches are getting paid a little too much for what their team are producing for wins that is.

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