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College Students that Have Anxiety

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Does anyone really know the meaning of anxiety? “Anxiety can cause people to feel frightened, distressed, and uneasy for no reason” “Mental Health America, 2018”. “If these disorders are left untreated they can dramatically reduce productivity and significantly diminish an individual’s quality of life” “Mental Health America, 2018”.

What anxiety does to your body?

When you a have anxiety it is different from other disorders, which in other words it treats your body differently. “Anxiety increases your breathing and heart rate, and concentrates blood flow to your brain, where you need it” “Health Line, 2005-2018”. When you have too much blood that flows to your brain this is when you experience being lightheaded and/or nauseous. If you are diagnosed with anxiety, having anxiety for a long period of time can cause you to release stress hormones to your brain on a regular basis. “By having stress hormones go to your brain everyday will increase symptoms such as dizziness, depression, and headaches” “Health Line, 2005-2018”.

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Why do some college students have anxiety?

In college it is a totally different world out here, you are probably 18 or older, so really you can just do whatever you want. Getting to do whatever you want is an overwhelming feeling. According to “Living-With-Anxiety, 2010-2018” college students actually get anxiety because of things such as trying to get good grades in classes, trying to find a job or working that job, having friends because they do not want to lose them, and then there is family. Family is a big part of this, we might not realize it since it is our family, but they give us anxiety the most because they want us to do so well and just achieve at life. Wanting to have good grades is part of family because they are pushing us to do great, they are pushing us to not fail, but sometimes them pushing us is too much of a push. This is where our anxiety comes from, we don’t want to disappoint them so we push our selves then stress our selves out to the max.

What we think causes anxiety?

Todays’ society has a lot more of iPhone’s, androids, Samsung’s, and all the technology that makes what is wrong with the world today. “1-5 College Students Have Anxiety Or Depression, 2010-2018” has to say that children and teens that have technology now and then have anxiety now because they were in isolation, they were not experiencing the real world and communicating or interacting with people.” Not having physical communication is what they think causes anxiety, because this gives us fear and worry when we do eventually speak to them “1-5 College Students Have Anxiety Or Depression, 2010-2018”.

Ways to help yourself through this.

Now trying to figure out how to help yourself really depends on the kind of person you are. If you are an active person working out, running, or anything just physical with ease your anxiety. If you are the person who does not really do much, then maybe just relaxing for about 10 minutes might calm you down and help you out. Maybe listen to some soothing music and close your eyes will get you out of that state of fear. Don’t worry if you are in a classroom, it might help if you sit close to a door, so when you feel something coming along it will be easier for you to leave and not have to go in the front of the classroom and just give yourself more anxiety. If you think you are not allowed to leave maybe talk to a teacher, which I know is scary or you can sit by someone who you are comfortable with because having that comfort takes off a lot of pressure.


For being a person who has had anxiety for the past twelve years it has been a struggle. Now that I am a college student, I still have that same struggle. I am constantly trying to better myself because I don’t want to fight myself for the rest of my life. When I say fight myself, I mean I want to be able to do anything I put my mind too, but that is sometimes very hard. It is like my body just refuses, my mind and body are at a constant battle with each other. For having anxiety it is kind of embarrassing to me, and that might only be because that is in the meaning, but I am scared to show people I have that because what if they take advantage of me. I might have it, but I am hoping I do not have it for much longer. Bringing back what we talked about earlier anxiety is because of many things and depending on the person you are will depend on what you need to do to make yourself better.


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