College Tuition Fees Are Pushing Students to the Edge - What Can Be Done to Change This?


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College Tuition and Fee Push Students to the edge.

Throughout past decades, people began to realize the importance of education. The value of education has taken precedence by an increasingly large amount of people around the world. At the same time, as the population of college students is increasing, tuition and fees are also increasing. This includes either public four year schools, private four year schools, or public two year schools. Notably, the rate of national college tuition and fees have been growing rapidly in the recent decades. It has become an issue for many students because a majority of them came from the middle and lower classes. They do not have the same advantage as compared with the upper class, therefore, many students face financial issues when considering colleges. This would influence a majority of Americans because it is affecting middle and lower classes by limiting their school choices and leaving them in debt. Overall, resolutions include giving out more federal aid, providing more scholarship opportunities, and increasing students’ responsibility for reaching out are responses to this issue.

Over the last decade, the cost of tuition and fees have grown rapidly and this has caused more difficulties for students from middle and lower classes. For instance, the average tuition and fees of public four year colleges “increased by 19% beyond the rate of inflation over the five years from 2003-04 to 2008-09, and by another 27% between 2008-09 and 2013-14” (Tuition and”). This has directly affected less fortunate students and their families. It also influences the other college-bound students because the growth of fees and tuition have created more difficulties for students to attend college. In the long run, it would also greatly impact the gap between the rich and the poor because the ones that receive better education would definitely have better future; meanwhile others who are unable to receive education become unskilled workers. Eventually the education level separates the society classes because the upper class is more likely to have a chance to attend a more prestigious college. If this situation continues, then most likely there will be fewer educated people in the future. This is definitely a negative effect on the country because as a developed nation, skilled labor is very important. A developed country needs skilled workers, such as entrepreneurs and engineers, for they play an important role in shaping the country’s future. Therefore, as tuition and fees increase, inequality is following suit.

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Because of majority of the students are impacted by this financial issue, their school choices are limited. Not only they are unable to pay the tuition and fees, their decisions are also limited. Because they face a financial issue, they have to minimize their choices. In some cases, students have to give up their first or second school choices because the aid they received does not qualify their needs. Some students are even working full time to pay for their classes they take.

Not only their school choices are limited, some students are graduating with large amounts of debt. Students definitely need more support and aid for education. Although some aid was given, it is not enough compared to the tuition and fees that the students still need to pay after the aid is taken out. The types of financial aid they receive are categorized into four areas of grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study offers. However, more aid is being received as loans rather than grants. It is recorded that over the last decade, “the total number of federal student loan borrowers increased by 69%, from 5.9 million in 2002-03 to almost 10 million in 2012‑13” (“Total number”). For the reason that it is a loan, students are required to pay it back after they finish their studies. These loans bring students pressure because they are just young adults and they do not know how to use their money wisely. In other words, they do not understand how to control money supply. As a result, they usually leave themselves in debt.

Outside sources can try to find a way to solve this issue by giving more federal aid and scholarship opportunities. First of all, the federal government can try to give out more federal aids. Although the government has to pay a high cost, they will eventually gain it back. The amount of aid they give to students will help the country because the students will become the new generation that will lead the country in the future. The input is worth the output. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that government should provide more aids to the students who required financial aid. Furthermore, schools can provide an increased amount of aids to the students by giving out more scholarship opportunities. By giving out more scholarship opportunities, students can both show off their skill and earn free aid at the same time. Lastly, students, themselves, can try multiple ways to earn free aids.

Students still need to take the majority of responsibility for reaching out for more aid. First, they can search online for websites that provide information about scholarships. Websites such as fastweb, zinch, or even college board give an in-depth descriptions about different scholarships. Students have to do the work by themselves if they really want to enroll college with more aid. They also have to be dedicated to the aid and fulfill any additional writing assignments or seriously attend the interviews needed to obtain the aid they desired for. Additionally, students can look at organizations that they are associated with. Sometimes churches and factories provide some aid for young adults. Students have to ask for it since it does not come to them. Therefore, students must pay attention and put effort into looking through all the aids they can receive.

Another group of people that can also play a role is parents. Parents can help their children to pay some part of tuition and fees. They do not have to pay the entire amount. They should leave some parts for their children, allowing them to figure what should they do. Parents can also take a loan for their children. Overall, there are a lot of ways that could be institue to lower the amount of tuition and fees students need to pay.

Education plays an important role in today’s society. The prominent trend reveals that people with higher education usually have a brighter future than others. As people encounter this reality, they begin to develop the concept that only the educated ones have success in the future. However, what seems to stand at the forefront is that they need to pay a lot for education. Over the past decades, college tuition and fees have increased so rapidly that some students are unable to pay for it. This is a big issue regarding to the whole country because as a developed and advance country, it needs skilled labor. The students are the new generation that will lead the country later. Therefore, more aids should be providing to the students. The federal government, students, schools, and parents could all do something to resolve this conflict. Conclusively, education is definitely worth the amount of money being spent into it.

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