Combatting Sex Trafficking: Strategies for Raising Awareness

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  • Few Thing to Bring Attention to Sex Trafficking
  • Conclusion
  • References

Sex trafficking is a serious and common situation that can happen during any time and any day. People should be able to be more aware of their surroundings and should be more cautious especially when they are alone. Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's book Half the Sky describes many tales of how women go through difficult things such as sex trafficking and rape. Women had to deal with so many consequences that involve sex trafficking, and more and more women grow more fear every day. There are so many people that are against sex trafficking and in this essay I will share some argumentative points how to raise awareness towards this issue. So many people question on sex trafficking for why it is even happening in the first place.

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Few Thing to Bring Attention to Sex Trafficking

The first thing that I will take action about sex trafficking is to raise awareness. I believe that by raising awareness of sex trafficking, more people will start to realize that it can affect many people. This will have more people to participate in and the word will spread out more for more people to know. From raising awareness, more people will be able to learn more about sex trafficking and the cons of it as well. It can cause a chain reaction and the more people knows, the more people will join the awareness. The more people that are able to join and raise awareness, events can go bigger and gain more followers.

Social media is now a major impact in today’s society. From my own perspective, I have seen many posts about sex trafficking and that there are many people getting abducted. There are also other posts that people, especially women, should be more careful with their surroundings and what should they do to prevent themselves from getting abducted. But the bad thing about social media it that there can be a lot of fraud. Many people can receive fake texts and emails with sketchy links that can track down your location once you open the link. When I receive these kinds of messages, I tend to not open it because I do not trust when it was sent anonymously. Very many people impersonate victims by lying and saying false information just to lure them in.

The last thing I would do to bring the attention of sex trafficking is, to stay updated. There are so many organizations that can update people with new information and resolutions for more people to be against human trafficking. Organizations like the Polaris Project can help update with any problems that happen. By getting updates, it is easy just to subscribe to the website by submitting your email. Looking through other organizations such as ECPAT because the website shows the news and dates on what events are going to happen and people can also become a member of this organization by signing up with the email provided. It tells victims’ stories when they were part of sex trafficking and how many kids are getting exploited by random strangers. ECPAT is the first organization to prevent child abduction of human sex trafficking.


In conclusion, there are many ways to make sex trafficking more well known, and for people to be aware of it. Sex trafficking can be a very sensitive topic for some people but, there is a time for people to take on more action no longer for sex traffick to keep on happening. Situations like this can be a tragedy for many people because there are so many loved ones that have gone missing. People should become more aware of their surroundings and keep themselves updated to prevent themselves from getting exploited.


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