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Comedy does Push the Plot of "The Taming of The Shrew"

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A lot of comedic devices have been used to build the hilarity and story of “The Taming of the Shrew”. They have shown how the shrew can be molded with similar treatment as given. These tools assist in paying attention to the tale and ponder on how Petruchio will finally tame Katharina. The story builds with problems like family drama, clever witty language, and unexpected plot twists. All of which form a tale of how woman is changed drastically by one man of who she is arranged to wed.

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Common comedic devices used in “Taming of the Shrew” are family dramas. Katharina has not been able be wed as she cannot find a husband that fits her personality, and no one is willing to wed her. Bianca is her younger sister who wants to wed but cannot till Katharina does. Evidently this puts stress on their relationship with each other but as well as on bad terms with their father. This shows, “

KATHARINA: A pretty peat! it is best Put finger in the eye, an she knew why.

BIANCA: Sister, content you in my discontent. Sir, to your pleasure humbly I subscribe: My books and instruments shall be my company, on them to took and practice by myself. (Act 1 scene 1). “This a comedic device used to produce a funny moment but also explain an actual relationship they have with one another. The relationship of discontent but admiration with unkind language substituted. Finally, after the extended battle between Katharina and Bianca, Petruchio volunteers to take Katharina as his bride.

After family drama is clever witty language depicted in the play. Petruchio has Katharina now but he has to now deal with her vulgar speaking too. He is not afraid of her language and gives the same language back to her alng with a similar position. Stating, “

PETRUCHIO: What, with my tongue in your tail? nay, come again, Good Kate; I am a gentleman.

KATHARINA: That I’ll try. (She strikes him)

PETRUCHIO: I swear I’ll cuff you, if you strike again.

KATHARINA: So, may you lose your arms: If you strike me, you are no gentleman; And if no gentleman, why then no arms.

PETRUCHIO: A herald, Kate? O put me in thy books!

KATHARINA: What is your crest? a coxcomb? (Act 2, Scene 1).” is proof that Petruchio and Katharina Sustain dispute, but with clever language that is amusing and intriguing. In addition, normally in this age women did not communicate in that way to any one and she is unusual. Petruchio and Katharina will genuinely love one another by the end of their skirmish between each other.

At last, there is the unexpected plot twist for comedic device in “Taming of the Shrew”. During the story a character named Grumio has become closer to Bianca. Grumio is also acquainted with Petruchio and they spend time with each other around Katharina. While Katharina is having her dress tailored, Grumio and the tailor Thought the drees was magnificent on her but Petruchio says that is not so. This, “

GRUMIO: I confess two sleeves. Tailor: [Reads] ‘The sleeves curiously cut.’

PETRUCHIO: Ay, there’s the villainy. GRUMIO: the bill. I commanded the sleeves should be cut out and sewed up again; and that I’ll prove upon thee, though thy little finger be armed in a thimble. (Act 4, Scene 3).” Is true again both Grumio and the tailor think the dress is amazing but Petruchio thinks it has a “villainy” look. This is a comedic device because the two are earnestly disputing on what is wrong with the dress that looks amazing on Katharina.

Shakespeare’s use of these comedic devices pushed his portrayal of this story and created a more delightful for the audience. Through and through the family drama, clever witty language, and unexpected plot twists he draws an amusing and intriguing tale for everyone!

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?