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Video ‘’Terry McAuliffe for Governor Ad: Too Important’’: Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia, ran for the governor by making the video campaign named ‘’Terry McAuliffe Governor Ad: Too Important.’’ On November 2013, Terry McAuliffe was elected the 72nd Governor of Virginia. As the governor, his top priorities were equality of all Virginians, life quality, and economic development. He speeds Virginia’s development up by vetoing several bills that would have taken Virginia backward such as women’s right to health care, Virginia’s educational system, the Virginians’ safety by keeping guns off the streets.

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On February 22nd, 2013, a transportation bill was up for consideration backed by Robert F. McDonnell – the Republican Governor. Although the Republicans denied to back up, Terry McAuliffe sought for support by urging Democrats to take a look and support the bill. With Robert McDonnell’s help and Terry McAuliffe’s effort, the bill was finally passed. Robert F. McDonnell, the 71st Republican Governor of Virginia, worked as a politician since 1991 in the Virginia House of Delegates. He has been one of the potential candidates for chairman of both the Republican Attorneys General Association and the Republican Governors Association.

Video ‘’Friends of Bobby Shriver “Dignity” Ad’’: Bobby Shriver, a co-founder, and chairman of DATA (Debts, AIDS, Trade, Africa), ran for a position on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors over Sheila Kuehl. He graduated from Yale College and worked as a journalist for the Annapolis Evening Capitol in Maryland, the Chicago Daily News, and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, and then continued pursuing his study at Yale Law School. Bobby Shriver has been working on financial and health emergencies happening in Africa. In 2004, Shriver was elected to run the Santa Monica City Council by a unanimous vote in a city. Then the re-election happened in 2008, the great number of voters chose him to continue his work on solving homelessness issues in the city and Los Angeles and especially for veterans.

Video ‘’Optimist – Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate’’: Michelle Nunn, a president and CEO of CARE USA, ran for a seat in the 2014 Georgia U.S. Senate race. She has been working for nonprofit organizations and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. Michelle Nunn, also a CEO of Points of Light and a candidate for U.S. Senate, has been working to serve the communities with enthusiasm as a social entrepreneur. Due to her nonprofit organizations helping communities, she was elected to serve on President George W. Bush’s Council and Civil Participation. The NonProfit Times named Michelle Nunn as the ‘’Power and Influence Top 50’’. Nunn graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Harvard University and was given the Public Service Fellowship to study faith and social justice numerous countries.

What are the specific responsibilities of the office they were running for? Video ‘’Terry McAuliffe for Governor Ad’’: Too Important’’: The Virginia Transportation Bill was passed with its hopes to create conveniences and upgrade the quality of both roads and transit projects. To increase the economic benefits and quality of life affected by transportation, the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VCTA) partnered with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to raise awareness of citizens by producing a campaign named ‘’Let’s Go VA.’’ The examples represent for the economic and life quality cases such as better quality transportation network attracts and keeps companies or the number of time people was stuck in traffic because of poor condition roads diminished the quality of life. Another campaigned called ‘’It’s Time Virginia.’’ ran by Virginians for Better Transportation invests in various transportation options for a range of industries that contribute to the building of transportation projects.

Video ‘’Friends of Bobby Shriver “Dignity” Ad’’: Bobby Shriver, an activist, and attorney living in Santa Monica fights for homeless Veterans’ housing in Los Angeles. He and another attorney Ron Olson, represented for homeless Veterans, promised to end the Veteran homelessness in Los Angeles by December 31, 2015. Due to his work, Bobby Shriver was awarded a Humanitarian Award ‘’for his work on behalf of homeless Veterans’’. Thanked Shriver and Olson, real estate policy was legalized, and many homeless Veterans had better humane and conditioned places to live in. Moreover, Bobby Shriver also created a plan named ‘’Shriver Plan’’ providing health services and job training for veterans.

Video ‘’Optimist – Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate’’: Helping poor girls and women are one of her priorities when establishing CARE. She claimed society usually underrated the abilities of women, they could work as effective as men becoming the main income of families and communities and helping them out of poverty. The organization has been working in 95 countries and helping millions of people in 2016. During her time serving as Points of Light CEO from 2007 to 2013, the organization created a multiple of innovations including ‘’a Civic Accelerator for entrepreneurial ventures, the Corporate Institute and the Billion and Change’’ that helped the communities.

What do you see in each commercial? Describe images, text, and any issues that are referenced. Video ‘’Terry McAuliffe for Governor Ad: Too Important’’: The commercial was started out with the image of the White House representing for political issues. An image of Robert F. McDonnell, the Republican Governor, was shown in the video as the corporation between Terry McAuliffe and Robert F. McDonnell. Next, Terry McAuliffe and his team gathered around for a group work after a room where the arguments between the Republic and Democracy happened. McDonnell and McAuliffe sought for support from the Democrats although they refused to do by showing an image of McAuliffe was writing down policy. Eventually, the Transportation Bill passes in Virginia by showing the Virginia map.

Video ‘’Friends of Bobby Shriver “Dignity” Ad’’: The producers started the ad by giving two contrasting images that the soldiers sacrifice and fight for the country, and then end up being homeless with inhumane conditions raising the sympathy of citizens – the ones who soldiers have fought for. Next, they showed an image of Bobby Shriver, on behalf of homeless Veterans, speaks up demanding for solutions to such problems. A plan called ‘’Shriver Plan’’ was inserted promising to help them by ‘’Mental health & addiction treatment programs’’ and ‘’Affordable Housing and Job Training’’. Not only the plans, Bobby Shriver himself also shows his genuine by talking to people and convincing them to believe in him. A moment of him holding a baby gains trust in people by his friendliness.

Video ‘’Optimist – Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate’’: The video gives out numerous images of her talking to different of people, from politicians, police, constructors, governors, to people regardless of who they are creating a friendliness and trust in her. She goes to many places to collect people’s thoughts with respect by putting smiles on her face. Michelle Nunn does not use a lot of technological effect or images as the other two candidates above, instead believing in her enthusiasm traveling around only want to hear opinions herself not just by sayings. The ending scene in the forest with trees and green color letting people could get the peaceful and developing life they ask for.

What do you hear in each commercial? Describe voices, music, background, sound effects. Video ‘’Terry McAuliffe for Governor Ad: Too Important’’: Throughout the video, a male narrator introduced the Transportation Bill in a formal tone. In the beginning, the sound effect made the viewers pay attention to the climax when the Democracy refused to support the Transportation Bill and Terry McAuliffe sought for help from Robert F. McDonnell. After Terry McAuliffe’s Transportation Bill passed, the sound effect made the viewers relieved and optimistic about the possibility that the bill would bring to. Because the video discussed the political issues, both of the music background and the voice were serious as Terry McAuliffe, and his support team showed their concerns about the seriousness.

Video ‘’Friends of Bobby Shriver “Dignity” Ad’’: The video started by a female narrator voice telling why homeless Veterans was the problem. They purposely used the sad music background to make the viewers feel sorry for homelessness. But then when Bobby Shriver appeared in the video, the music background turned more thrilling as solutions could happen to the problems, and the female spoke faster with a more pleased voice as well. Her volume was getting louder when it came to the solutions for homelessness and many plans that could help them to live style they deserved. Eventually, the music background ended peacefully as those plans would actually work and help them.

Video ‘’Optimist – Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate’’: Different from Bobby Shriver and Terry McAuliffe, Michelle Nunn uses the first person narrator in her campaign. She does not use a lot of effects in the video, instead only normal daily scenes. She wears red and blue clothes a few times, and at the end of the video, she signs her name by red and blue colors as they represent America. She sounds confident and optimistic about her plans to serve for America. By calling herself an optimist, Michelle Nunn somehow shows to the viewers that she would do everything in her abilities, and it only works the best if people let her do her job.

What do you think the commercial producers want you to feel or think? Video ‘’Terry McAuliffe for Governor Ad: Too Important’’: The commercial producers by summarizing and choosing out images want the viewers to have a profound knowledge about political issues. Political issues usually cause people misunderstandings, so the producers chose important information and specific images emphasizing the seriousness. Moreover, since the video was made for running for governor, the producers put the slogan ‘’Putting Virginia First’’ with a green background making the viewers believe in him so that he could have voted. In addition, in the end, the producer showed a moment where he was talking to people somehow made him friendly and people could trust and vote for him, as a governor.

Video ‘’Friends of Bobby Shriver “Dignity” Ad’’: The commercial producers want to raise the viewers’ awareness towards the peace soldiers have brought for the country, and for us. They put their lives at risk in war and peace and they must have got better humane living conditions but homelessness. The producers showing the two contradictory images of soldiers wanted people to sympathize with them. By commercializing the video, Bobby Shriver hopefully people would vote for him as the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, so he could, on behalf of the Americans, figure out the solutions. They also utilized an image where he talked to people to show his genuine, not only by sayings. Video ‘’Optimist – Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate’’: The commercial producers want the viewers to vote for her in the race and believe in what she could do for America. Showing working experiences for non-profit organizations, they inform she knows what best for communities, and she would fit the U.S. Senate.

Do you think the ad is effective? Why or why not? More specifically, having assessed the ad from a few different perspectives, would this particular spot sway your decision to vote for-or against-this candidate? Video ‘’Terry McAuliffe for Governor Ad: Too Important’’: Personally, I think the ad played a good role in providing information for people, the viewers, and the voters, and that could gain trust from the voters. He did not come directly to why people should vote for him but pointed out the disagreements from the other party. Based on those disagreements, as they represent citizens’ opinions, he urged help and published solutions that were approved by the two parties. In the end, by talking to the two people, he shows that people could believe in him as a governor and I think the ad has an impact on people.

Video ‘’Friends of Bobby Shriver “Dignity” Ad’’: The video did well as an ad, presenting enough information as well as providing solutions. I would vote for him because of what he decided to do for the community and his genuine. Along with his partner, Bobby Shriver was awarded a Humanitarian Award for the community services, in general, and especially the homeless Veterans in Los Angeles that gains my trust and believes in what he would do for society. Video ‘’Optimist – Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate’’: The video should add more information to completely hook people up to the ad. Not only showing working experiences in communities, but also providing reasons or what happens to the society that people should vote for her. Moreover, voters want to get certain solutions, information, so I think being optimistic does not get full attention from them.

Did the candidate win or lose the election? If they won, what did they accomplish after they won the office? If they lost, who did win the election? Video ‘’Terry McAuliffe for Governor Ad: Too Important’’: The election happened between the Democrat Terry McAuliffe and the Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II, the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate. Terry McAuliffe won the election over Ken Cuccinelli for passing the Transportation Bill. Passing the Transportation legislature, a landmark transportation funding reform that ‘’replaces Virginia’s 17.5-cents-per-gallon retail gasoline tax with a 3.5 percent wholesale tax on gasoline and a 6 percent levy on diesel fuel.’’ Moreover, the bill also increases 0.3 percent sale taxes from 5.0, and a 100% registration fee required for ‘’fuel-sipping hybrid vehicles’’. Besides, the Bill helped to solve transportation issues and to turn Virginia into one of the best places for business.

Video ‘’Terry McAuliffe for Governor Ad: Too Important’’: Terry McAuliffe was defeated by Sheila Kuehl in the election for a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The result came out with 53 percent of voters for Sheila Kuehl after 25 debates. She believed her more than 10 years experience serving in the state Legislature as both a senator and assemblywoman would be a better fit than Terry McAuliffe due to his lacking the experience to be effective. Video ‘’Optimist – Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate’’: In the race for the Georgia U.S. Senate Michelle Nunn lost to David Perdue, the Republican and both of them are political newcomers. Since Michelle Nunn represented for Democratic, David Perdue questioned about approval ratings have fallen and even Michelle Nunn was not sure if she would have voted for Obamacare leading to her loss.

Regarding all three ads: what differences do you see between them? Are there noticeable differences in production quality, music selection, ad length, the language used, choice of clothing, or anything else that you observe? There are some differences between the three candidate’s videos in their races. Unlike Terry McAuliffe and Bobby Shriver having their highlighted texts to emphasize the main points affecting their plans, Michelle Nunn does not summarize those main points in her video might cause uncertainties whether to vote for her as no significance remains.

Moreover, Michelle Nunn takes advantage of the ad and an introduction as much as she could by using her own voice to present and putting her images communicating and interacting with people on the projects as the referendum. Meanwhile, the men focus more on the causes and results in carrying the plans out and what would they contribute to the communities. A tone of voice also contributes to the differences of all candidates. Terry McAuliffe and Bobby Shriver present with a distinctive voice to connect with the viewers and to limit confusion as well as alert people which parts need to focus and which does not. Other than that, the three videos have similarities of the standard ad video. They all use light music to let people focus on the presenting information and not get bored. Formal clothes, the appropriate language used are applied to show candidates’ seriousness towards the election.

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