Commitment as an Essential Part of Everyone's Personal Life

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“Commitment is a promise to do something or to behave in a particular way; a promise to support something or somebody.” Commitment is not only requires observation, but also requires variation. A person who follows the quality of commitment should be very reliable and excellent. Many people are always hopeless, tired and feeling very upset and bitter. They live meaningless lives without any commitment because they are just focusing on their enjoyment. A few of my college friends whom I have known for many years do not believe in commitment. They are lacking in strong work ethic, leadership and diverse interest. Additionally, they do not have confidence and strong sense of humor. Commitment is willingness to sacrifice and staying true to it.

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A trust, self-control, sacrifice and responsibility are all part of commitment. Now days, all relationships require a certain degree of commitment. When people make a commitment to somebody or something, then they honestly need to stick to their promises upon any kind of commitment they have made. For instance, when people decide to get married and begin their new life, they have to committee to each other to have long lasting relationship. Committed couples tend to believe that their relationships are better and stronger than non-committed couples. Commitment is important part of successful relationship.

Another commitment many people make can be related to their job. Committed workers take their job role very seriously and strive for maximum productivity. It is a feeling of responsibility that a person has towards assigned tasks, goals and mission of the organization. Record levels of employee satisfaction in an organization are related to work commitment. This results in better business performance, which in turn results in better growth, productivity, and overall improvement in the work condition. “Valuable employees can make a significant impact on the bottom line. Research has shown a positive relationship between training, motivating and empowering employees and improvements in productivity, customer satisfaction and financial performance.” This quote clearly supports my argument that worker who are committed to their organization can improve organization’s profitability and productivity. Commitment help individual stay in the path of their mission and attain them despite barrier. Another example would be a sports athlete who make the decision to join the team that he or she wants to play and be committed to a part of the organizations.

Commitment are essential part of our personal lives. Commitment is a process in which one individual’s idea can be connected with other individual idea, in which individual can listen and learn from others individual, and thus expand their view. Therefore, any individual must experience commitment, because only in the experience individual can observe the value and importance of being committed. It is important that we must committed to ourselves where our daily life takes place in the cities and town where we live together.

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