Co2 Charter as Sustainable Practice for an Eco-conscious Moving Company


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Cartons, transport, etc … a move involves waste of course and the emission of CO2 as it is also the case in many human activities.

You are committed to the environment? What if you are considering an ecological move to limit your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment?

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An eco-responsible approach

As part of the CO² charter, companies commit for a period of 3 years to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, including their fuel consumption. It is a program proposed by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, the Ministry of Transport and the ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency). The idea is of course to contribute to the fight against climate change and the improvement of the quality of life. But that’s not all. It is also a question of reducing the energy consumption and thus allowing, in the long term, cost reductions. We are in a virtuous circle for the planet and for man.

How does the CO2 Charter work?

After signing this charter, the carriers first self-diagnose and evaluate their greenhouse gas emissions. Then they define an action plan and set a goal to reduce their emissions. The logic is for companies to define two specific environmental performance indicators (g CO2 / km and g CO2 /, with a three-year reduction target for each. The goal is for carriers to commit to a concrete reduction in fuel consumption and consequently their CO2 emissions. And of course, this three-year approach is periodically followed to verify the results obtained.

There are several axes of action: at the level of the vehicles but also of the driver (by the training and the actions), fuels of course but also at the more global level of the organization of the transports. As early as 2011, Transports / Déménagements Jumeau signed the C0² charter. The company, the first of Eure et Loir to sign the Charter, had thus committed to reducing its emissions by 4% to 3 years. In concrete terms, the procedure undertaken by the Déménagements Jumeau includes eco-driving training, the recycling of used oils and filters, but also damaged pallets and other waste: batteries, tires, cartons, etc. It should be noted that less than one per cent of road transport companies have already committed to this sustainable development approach.

As an ISO 9001-certified family-owned company for all its activities, whether as a partner or a private service provider, Jumeau transports are therefore involved daily and in the long term in the protection of the environment.

Eco Moving in Practice

Choosing a moving company involved is, of course, a step to your credit. But know that you can also participate in an ecological move, in the organization and preparation. See the article Tips for a Greener Move for some easy-to-follow tips.

The Twin Removals have since 1925 acquired the expertise that the experience confers. We have equipment adapted to each category of goods, for a protected and secure transport, according to your constraints and your budget.

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