Common Sense by Thomas Paine: Finding Sound Judgement in Society

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Obviously, it has been proven that the world is round through basic scientific observation or from literally putting a ruler up against the horizon, but some individuals still refuse to grasp this concept. It has been hammered into our heads since we could walk, and the logic behind it seems pretty legit. From space photography to even our own sight, it’s just common sense. Stating your position without using basic knowledge, and forming beliefs based on what? At least do some research before you make arbitrary statements! My perception of today’s population is a lack of basic intelligence and reasoning. People today don’t use good sense and sound judgement in practical matters, and Thomas Paine is probably spinning in his grave wondering what the hell happened. People’s lack of common sense and empathy will be the death of me.

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Common sense just makes life easier, and for some you can actually see a lack of it. Usually these types of people have a hard time making decisions, and it’s almost impossible to argue with someone who doesn’t have enough intelligence to refute your argument with facts. They tend to not even listen to what you are saying, or the points you are making, even if you support your statements with logic and truths. They refuse to recognize basic scientific findings that have the slightest chance of proving them wrong. I mean honestly! At least be a little open-minded to the possibility of other options that could potentially discredit your opinion even if it’s completely wrong, but when you argue about something simple and basic, should you even be talking to this person? Even when having a lighthearted argument with someone and the individual just refuses to hear your opinion. Take my thirteen-year-old brother for example. He will argue with me just for the sake of interrupting me and repeating back everything I say in an annoying voice, not actually listening to what i’m saying. I’m pretty sure everyone with siblings can relate to that. Basically, just refusing to acknowledge other’s actions or arguments really just gets on my nerves. I think it’s just people who lack intelligence to have a decent conversation, honestly. Maybe it just chalks up to basic consideration.

As for empathy, which is seeing things from another person’s perspective. I mean really, I don’t understand how people can’t comprehend basic things. Like, really guys? You’re just going to block the flow of traffic for others while you just stand there talking as a group? I’ve got places to be! And then the group looks at you weird when you nicely ask them to move. Come on. You don’t have to be smart, at least just be aware. You do not need to know everything about everything, maybe just enough to have an interesting conversation. It’s just common sense. As for common sense, I do understand that it was a possibility to think that the earth was flat back in what, medieval Europe. But in modern times, with modern science? Even the simplest thing. I think some people forget that gravity exists. I’ve seen videos where people hold up a plate and pour water on it and say, “Well, how does the water stay if the Earth is round?” or they hold up an orange and pour water over it and say “The water would just fall off? How do we have oceans?”. It’s just common sense. As for a solution, honestly just don’t talk about a topic that you don’t know enough about, and stay open-minded. Still, some refuse to acknowledge the other side of an argument, and blatantly say things just to keep up the facade that they are, in fact, right. Even if they are wrong. It just makes my skin crawl when you are pointlessly arguing with someone and they haven’t understood a word that you have said. It’s exhausting.

I think common sense should be more instilled in children at a younger age. They shouldn’t have to find out the hard way that the stove is hot by pressing their hand down on it. I would personally like to slap our nation upside the head for not teaching us this at a younger age, where trial and error lead our decision-making process. Common sense is a basic and fundamental need in our daily lives, and the lack of it in today’s society really just makes me want to scream.   

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