Communicate Effectively with Culturally Diverse Persons

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Chapter one focuses on the patient and their Cultural differences, and how as nurses, we are to provide care to everyone in a relative communicational way. Taking into consideration their personal beliefs, values, religious values and being able to incorporate a plan of care for each person while being aware of these personal values. Being able to communicate in a transcultural way, we can communicate effectively and provide actual care and treatment toward each patient in a manner that is acceptable to the patient and their cultural beliefs. Being able to communicate in a transcultural way will help when dealing with day to day nurse subculture duties.

Chapter two breaks down cultures of the main 5 groups the United States and Canada government has categorized everyone. Knowing the cultures on a basic level we get an introduction of some of the main values or views of the culture. In this chapter we also visit subcultures within cultures, learning to be a transcultural communicator will assist everyone who has the ambition to become a great nurse. Communication is relative and providing the culturally diverse ideals within the plan of care can assist with understanding more accurately. This chapter should have you thinking in a way that brings all cultures front and center to look at all cultures in a way that has you thinking of ways to treat effectively. Being able to address patients effectively and properly we can provide ideal health care.

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Chapter three is where we collectively put all previous chapters together and learn to engage accurately with each patient and use cooperative learning skills together. Using our effective communication skills, being able to culturally, and transcultural use the exchange process. Cultural Competence is being able to communicate with your patient on a scale of which you are able to communicate relevance in a culturally respectful way the patient and family can comprehend. In other words, making sure that accurate, comprehensive, and respectful plan of care is received, so the patient can take the proper care to reach a recovery goal.

Working in a medical setting has not always been the easiest goal, communication is key, being able to connect with a patient and have them grasp concepts are not always easy. Barriers are made to be broken when making sure competence is reached. Patient care has always been my number one priority, patient and nurse communication is vital when in the hospitals. Being able to assist patients in every way possible is what brings joy to me in this profession, I am “Through the roof” When I see a patient Happy and Healthy!

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