Communicating Ideas and Fear of Public Speaking

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Glossophobia has been investigated and studied since the mid – 1930’s. In the same article, it was indicated that glossophobia is the number one fear of the American people. It was stated that the fear of public speaking is powerful and brought an impact on oneself performance. The consequence of having glossophobia to students is that they suffer from mental block (forgetting the content) or confusion (inability to deliver a line of thought). As a result of not being able to perform well in front, student’s grades can be affected. Performance through public speaking is difficult for those who suffer in this disorder but this can be treated through behavioral practices. Thus, a student’s grade will be affected if this disorder will continue. So different processes in improving performance in front of others can be used to enhance oral communication.

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Communicating ideas clearly and presenting them openly in a public forum is an essential component of success. Being a good public speaker can be helpful in career advancement. However, to do these, one must control the fear of public speaking. Moreover, public speaking prevents a person to share ideas, to share something regarding a certain task and to explain a solution to others. So it’s not surprising that fear of public speaking affects one growth and academic performance.

One of the frightening things in class is speaking in front of the class . Hence, the intense fear brought about by speaking in front of the class, glossophobia becomes the barrier in the social interaction of students. Perhaps, the student tends to move themselves out and as a result, self-esteem and academic performance were affected. Furthermore, due to overwhelming pressure and fear, the delivery of speech can be affected also, whether it is well-prepared and thought-out. Viado also points out that glossophobia is difficult to overcome but it can be solved.

On the other hand, speaking in public can be the most nerve-wracking experience one can have yet it is an essential skill for those who aim for better academic results. Having a fear in public speaking, “my speaking style put people to sleep”. Franco further explained that the feeling of being uncomfortable while speaking with other people results in unconveyed thoughts. Relatively, when classes start, it is time for students to battle again in school. Students are tasked to speak in front of a crowd which makes them anxious. Despite all the ideas that were conceptualized in their mind, it automatically disappears once they get up on stage. Moreover, when glossophobia continues to dominate oneself, it can hinder success.

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