Communication Changes It Has Brought About Over the Last 20 Years

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Table of Contents

  • Mobiles phones
  • The Internet
  • Broadband and WI-FI
  • Goods and Services
    Social Media
  • Impact of Social Media and World Wide Web
  • Mobile Phone/Portable devices:
    Data Protection
  • Freedom of Information
  • Rules
    Communications Flow Chart
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography(References):

Communication changes IT has brought about over the last 20 years. Over the past 20 years there has been drastic changes in both IT and communications over a broad spectrum. In the report I will look at the years based from 1998 to 2018 and make account in particular to changes in Mobile phones, the internet, broadband and Wi-Fi, good and services and social media.

Mobiles phones

At the beginning of 1998 the main sources of communication were Telex and faxing although mobile phones were invented in 1973 they were very expensive so they weren’t assessable to general public so more common methods were used e.g. faxing and telex. Mobile phones have changed they have more memory more memory and processing power than NASA had when first man went to the moon, just about every phone is now touch screen we have hybrid phones and tablets (mini Computers).

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The Internet

In 1998 the internet wasn’t as easy and fast to use as it is in today’s world. At our finger tips we can now browse the web, source any information, send emails, texts, eCollege, business online. Crazy to think back 20 years ago when most businesses and households didn’t even possess dial up. Changes in the world of IT the likes of laptops, phones, tablets are more affordable. It is a part of our everyday lives now it’s how we and our lives function with it.

Broadband and WI-FI

Broadband and Wi-Fi has made one of the most significant changes in the past 20 years in today’s world you wouldn’t get a shop, café, restaurant without Wi-Fi as a business would now be unsustainable as it is nearly as expectation by the consumer. You can’t go anywhere in the world today not expect Wi-Fi e.g. airport or bus back to 20 years ago when it was difficult to get a land line into the house to get broadband access.

Goods and Services

Good and services has changed in today with the help of IT changes have been:

  • ERT payments
  • Buying and selling of goods
  • Online sites like Amazon have no shops cutting costs.
  • Social media and apps for buying and selling e.g. Done deal. Businesses no longer have shops as to much overheads they use IT platforms for business now.

Social Media

Social Media was unheard of back 20 years ago now to communicate we can use Facebook, twitter, snapchat to instantly talk to anyone at any time. Social media if used correctly can be an extremely powerful tool for businesses to launch their business, products, advertise, market, sponsorship, product placement etc. Also with all the other advantages I have listed above.

Digital and mobile technology hardware

Over the past 20 years the changes in both hard and soft ware has been massive. In 1998 not much households would have had a computer or a mobile phone. Changes to Phone power has been massive, large computers are being obsolete as we all use tables, phone or phablets a hybrid between phone and tablet. Everything is now touch screen we hardly use mouse’s. The camera business no longer exists company’s sell their technology to phone companies to input their cameras into the phone. We now have apps for everything e.g. banking is rarely done in the bank now it’s all online through apps.

Impact of Social Media and World Wide Web

Has led to many changes in our everyday life they are: Businesses:

  • Buying and selling of goods
  • Advertising
  • Online education

Mobile Phone/Portable devices:

  • Real time interaction with people anywhere in the world instantly.
  • Social media is part of how we live now.

Data Protection

The first data protection act was amended in May on the 25th 2018. It affects everyone who holds information on anyone making then a data controller. Anyone who holds data on an individual is a data controller. Anyone can request information at any time. A data controller’s obligations are:

  • Obtain and process data fairly
  • Keep it only for one or more specific purposes
  • Keep it safe and secure up to date
  • Make sure it is adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • Keep it for only as long as required
  • Must supply a copy of his/her data on their request.

Freedom of Information

The freedom of information act came in in 1997 was amended in 2003 and amended again in 2014. The FOI applies to all government departments and HSE, public bodies and local authorities.


The right for an individual to access information by a body.

  • The right for an individual to make amendments to official information on themselves if it’s incorrect.
  • The legal right for the individual to obtain reasons affecting them.

Copyright and Digital Intellectual Property Rights Act 2000

The copy right act came into effect on January 1 2001it is designed to protect artists, authors computer software, architecture basically anyone with original work that it can’t be copied and passed as someone else’s work. Exceptions are colleges and libraries were you can use material for referencing.

Safety and welfare at work Acts

The main legislation act for the health and safety of people in the workplace is the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (as amended). It applies to all employers, employees The Act sets out the rights and obligations of both employers and employees.

Employer’s duties

  • Provide and maintain a safe workplace which uses safe plant and equipment, prevent exposure to physical agents, noise and vibration.
  • Prevent any improper conduct or behaviour likely to put the safety, health and welfare of employees at risk
  • Provide instruction and training to employees on health and safety
  • PPE and equipment to employees
  • Appointing a competent person as the organisation’s Safety OfficerEmployees’ duties
  • To take reasonable care to protect the health and safety of themselves and of other people in the workplace
  • Not to engage in improper behaviour that will endanger themselves or others
  • Not to be under the influence of drink or drugs in the workplace
  • To undergo any reasonable medical or other assessment if requested to do so by the employer. In terms of ICT. No cables on the floors
  • Screens for computers not getting eye strain
  • Appropriate seating ergonomics
  • Adjustable monitors and wrist rests.

Communications Flow Chart

Refers to my own company KST, Nutrition, Rehab, Performance. I am the owner people/Client contact me. I then contact the department head of which product the client is looking for might be one or all relevant departments. They then connect with me and I form contact with the client and get the relevant department heads involved. The department head has spoken with their employees to devise the best plan to help the client and secure the contact. Three-way communication then between the owner, the client and the departments heads.


From my findings of doing this report I can conclude in the years 1998-2018 communication in today’s world is unlike it was two decades ago. The introduction of IT has changed the world. Pros and Cons can be drawn up and you could argue that things are now better or worse in the world. I feel myself that ecommerce is far too extreme these days and is killing the local retailer. One thing is for sure IT in today’s world isn’t going anywhere and is going to become more prevalent so strict rules and regulations must be put in place for the future.



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