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Communication Ethics and the Modern Era

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The Handbook of Communication Ethics Week ?

Economic justice and communication ethics are both extremely complex issues in modern times. The market’s relationship with ethics, is a ‘longstanding’ question, that will more than likely not be resolved anytime soon. Such issues are extremely difficult to study due to various reasons. As Adam Smith wrote about in The Wealth of the Nations, while many others have tried historically to combat such issues as well. One of the key problems of economic justice, is the fact that several nations, such as the United States have constructed free market economies. What this means, is that consumers basically determine the price for goods. Essentially, the companies fix a price for any given product, but consumers make the ultimate choice as to if that price is rational or not. As we can certainly see, economics is directly linked to happiness. We live in a world, where value is derived from what we own, rather than who we are (Schaefer Et AL. ,2011). This creates several issues, because people are constantly trying to impress people, and don’t live within their means. These sort or economical communications can be both pricey to maintain, and leave on in financial debt for several years. The purchasing of the latest objects communicates to others that the person is important and wealthy.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a very controversial issue in the world of economics. Some critics claim its necessary, while others say it is not. Both pros and cons follow corporate social responsibility as well, only landing it more in a teetertotter position. As the book suggests it is the incorporation of virtues into business practices however, it is not as simple or ‘clear-cut’ as it may appear. In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of companies who participate in CSR, this is due to the public views of such companies. Many individuals began losing trust and hope in many business leaders for their unjust practices, and have been realizing the importunacy of living sustainably. Each of these factors play a leading role in explaining why more businesses are choosing to incorporate values and ethics within their companies. The text stated that ‘organizations are autopoietic systems of communication”. Which basically means they are capable of taking care of themselves regarding communication. However, what this also means is that communication also must be constant. According to Christensen, Morsing, and Thyssen: “As organizations enter the scene of social responsibility, they face a growing number of critical voices claiming that their engagements in the arena are merely masquerades designed to deflect criticism and give the false impression that they have nothing to hide” (Christensen, Morsing, and Thyssen, p. 460, 2011). This quote goes to show, that even with the implementation of CSR, critics will still arise and ostracize such efforts. Accountability, transparency, and modernist mindset all occur in these circumstances as well. Should individuals be responsible for their actions solely, or the group decision as a whole that reflect the company? Transparency is allocation of revealing information, whether positive or negative into the world. The modernist mindset refers to having the ability to understand the popular way of thinking and innovation (Christensen, Morsing, and Thyssen, 2011).

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It is very difficult to place ethics regarding trade regulations and networked communication likewise. This is found truthful, because trade involves many entities, who’s ethics are contradicting. There is always, in some degree restraints placed on such issues. We see such circumstances even in classrooms. Students are allocated intellectual freedoms; however, institutionalized monitors conclude. The knowledge economy is what brings rise and awareness to such issues being discussed. The researchers (individualized) have little to no control over the way in which the knowledge they create will be utilized in scientific communities. Although human well-being should set the place for science and technologies agenda, this is not always found.

Ethical dilemmas overfill such categories of trade and barriers. There is no telling where the line stands regarding such issues. It is not necessarily essential or important to inquire regulatory framework that are implemented to regulate both trade and communications in an ethical fashion. Moreso, it is more essential to understand reason and when reason is being masqueraded. We eliminate the human ideas of flourishing, when we allow chaos to manipulate over factualized data. Much of the world is suffocating in lies and chaos, which evidently result in trade and regulation difficulties. Ethics should always be applied first when concluding on such issues (D’Souza,2011).

There are several gaps facing ethics and communication, throughout the years of history. However, this text has provided framework to help bridge these gaps throughout its various chapters. Communication can be described as both a discipline and ‘interdisciplinary’ field of study. There is to a high degree centrality of communication in regard to Philosophy. According to the text: “Philosophy has always been representative of what is most human about us. Perhaps, what we need is not more sophistication, but more openness. We need to be not more clever but rather, better listeners, what philosophy is, after all, is a thoughtful openness to the world, a passion for wisdom.” (128). This quote exemplifies the need for the Philosophical blueprints regarding communication. With such technology advances and forensics, ethics is becoming a thing of the past. Nuclear war has the capacity to wipe us all out, but through communication, we can easily come to a better alternative. However, such communication is not always easy to circulate as we can see in our world today. Applied ethics should be a thing of the past, present, and future of out world. They provide insight and guidance in our changing world. Although, ethics cannot be universally implemented, in my opinion, we can all work towards a more ethical means of behavior and communication alike (Makau,2011).


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