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Communication – The Most Important Factor In Human Existence

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Communication – the most important factor in human existence

Communication is the oldest thing and most important factor in human existence. Communication is a way which individual can interact and understand each other, it can either be voice, signs, symbols and any other form. Other medium of communication can also be via telephone, internet, Messaging, TV, and letters. Telephone is one of the early form of communication which connect people from two different ends together. Millions of people use telephone services all over the world.

Now lets talk about Telephone Advisory Service

Telephone advisory service is a very lucrative business, the service is very popular and commonly used in the globe. The service advisory do negotiate and argreed on a deal with communication company for them to set a specific amount for call per munites which its oviusely high due to all the third parties involved are getting specific % from the end users. Due to high cost from Advisory service and centralized issues many have research and seek a new innovation to set end users free from such costly service. A new blockchain based advisory service called AdvisoryNetwork is here to provide solutions to our worries.

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What is AdvisoryNetwork?

Advisor Network it’s a decentralized blockchain based platform which is set to solve the problems of the traditional advisory service and also eliminate high cost service by third parties. It offer direct connections solution between organization and individuals without the need of middle man that makes advisory services for end users, via video call or voice call available. End users are been given access to communicate with direct service provider, which allows them to give feedback to their service provider.

The following are the advantages and benefits of using the advisory network.

Instant payment

The advisory network provides instant payment solution for the service providers, without an intermediary. This payment is automatically done by a smart contract and blockchain. The end users are been provided with quick and fast method to make payment with just few clicks on the platform. This reduced the cost service and also low transaction fees because no third parties involved.

Dependability :

The blockchain decentralized system makes it more reliable with the use of smart contract, makes payment and use of service more reliable. Due to this service, tokens of service users should have a positive balance, which will be locked temporarily, to ensure payment at the end of every call.


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