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To work effectively in organizations both as leader or manager and employee of an organization, parallel to the required knowledge, skills and ability to accomplish the desired work under every position there is a need for both managers or leaders and employees to be professional in terms of having good relationship with employees, customers and other stakeholders of the organization and showing the required professional manner.

All managers, Leaders and Employees in this regard are required to be professionally competent by fulfilling professional conduct, ethical standard and other essential mind set up, acceptable dressing, and good interpersonal interaction and the like. The employee should have, for instance, respect for their boss and colleagues, customers and others in the working areas. They should carefully listen to what these people are saying while communicating, analyze the point of discussion and give the required response through critical thinking. They should not undermine the ideas of others whom they think have different from their own and the ideas are even from small marginalized groups. They should accept suggestions from others and take into consideration for their decisions. The ways as to how to develop such behavioral qualities are stated in the essay.

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On one hand, managers’ and leaders’ mind and modes of thinking should be well trained in such a way that it is well sharpened to be more understanding, logical, changing with the change both in the organization and outside, respectful and morally sound. In doing so, they should have good interpersonal skill in communicating with their subordinates, followers and customers in the organization through managing their emotions as per the situations and the change in the environment. Various Meta-cognitive tools and other techniques like Five Minds of the future and Emotional Intelligence and various study recommendations of different researchers in the areas discussed in this essay, to effectively reflect professional behavior and donate a lot for growth of business organization as manager or leader.

Hence, in light of the various professional practice dispositions and the mechanisms as to how to develop the existing professional practice, this reflective essay will try to assess my own professional practice development level, pin points the level at which professional practice development level that I will like to attain and eventually apply the required ways to develop the professional skills.

Analysis of Professional Development

In this section, I am going to discuss about the various ways of diagnosing professional development level as a manager or leader and diagnose my professional development level using six professional dispositions discussed stated in appendix I of this report and find out the gaps of my professional practice with respect to the six dispositions. Once the gaps are identified, I will discuss what qualities I should have professionally to reach at acceptable professional development level. Finally, I will use various theories and tools as to how I am going to fill the gaps of my professional dispositions’ deficiencies and gradually apply them to reach at the planned professional development level. Each one these parts are discussed one by one here under.

Diagnosing the Professional Development Level

There are various tools for diagnosing one’s professional development level in the sense that a manager or leader could be professionally or have more gaps to fulfill to be professionally fit in properly managing and/ or leading the organization. In this essay, the six professional dispositions; Social Justice and Equity, Collaboration/Inclusion, Creative Thinking, Professional Ethics, Reflective Practice and Life-long learning are used for diagnosing. I have diagnosed my professional development level using the six professional disposition Rubrics of Howard as stated in the following.

Social Justice and Equity

With respect to social justice and equity, the author stated that managers or leaders need to show respect for their subordinates or followers and equally and fairly threat the latter’s ideas and interests. This should come through being considerate and supportive. Hellriegel et al. (1992) and Yukl (1994) discuss consideration as a dimension of behavior that is characterized by mutual trust, two-way communication, respect for employees’ ideas, and consideration for their feelings. Evaluating my practice while I am on the subject, I consistently show respect for anyone in my organization and I am fair and give concern for the ideas and interest of the groups in general and even an individual at specific level. In the scale of expectation, therefore, I fulfill the level of expectation.


As stated in the dispositions table, see appendix 1, collaboration is about having workers work together for the sake of achieving a targeted objective of organization that leaders or managers and employees are working in. In this case the manager or leader is expected to be collaborative and their efforts in achieving their target should include various concerned groups in the organization as collaboration greatly contributes to organizational success. In addition to increasing innovation, collaboration increases employee energy, creativity, and productivity, which generally leads to less stressed, happier, and more engaged workers (Goman, n.d.). With respect to collaboration, through I have respect and equitable treatment for all involved in interaction, my interaction with others is limited in that I don’t participate in group discussion and group work as expected. Therefore, my rate is on work in progress level.

Creative Thinking

In deciding to professional practice and solving problems thinking critically is one that is important. Thinking critically, bringing new way of doing things in work place to solve problems and/ or better performance is a quality that needs to be implemented in management and leadership in organizations. In this context, I consider various issues that need decision making and solving problems and try to critically think about the ways how to solve them even by anticipating the needs but there I have limitations in asking questions and obtaining resources from others for the same. Rating myself in this perspective, therefore, I am work in progress level.

Professional Ethics

Professional ethics is the other disposition that focuses on giving honor for colleagues, work and profession. In connection to this, ethics is becoming one of the major issues to be considered in leadership, and hence the concept of Ethical Leadership has come to existence. Ethical leadership is crucial in providing direction that enables the organization to fulfill its mission and vision and achieve declared goals (Kanungo & Mendonca, 1996). It is my behavior that I respect the needs and interests of my colleagues, the work and the profession itself. I exhibit well reasoned and mannered activities like punctuality, timely completion of tasks except rarely becoming against the plan, being confidential, honest, and mostly having boundaries for my personal issues and professional work related staffs. In this aspect, I am again approaching the expectation though there are some gaps in the time and keeping the professional domains concerns.

Reflective Practice

Reflective practice is about knowing oneself about its own professional practice, at what level it is and its impact on the others. Experts in the leadership development field concur that in the new millennium, leaders will be faced with unparalleled change (Cherniss, 2001). This requires being open to new ideas and a willingness to change oneself (Hartelt, 2000). As future leader or manager, I mostly do not assess myself and the level of my professional practice, accepts ideas and judgments of others on the same and improve the gaps for better future and business context. I rate myself in this regard that I am at work in progress level of professional practice.

Life-long learning

For developing my professional practice and for the long term professional practice development, this is put in the works of Freifeld that leaders should join leadership training programs in order to strengthen their skills and knowledge, making them more effective in their strategies and execution. To be professionally developed it is my behavior that I mostly strive to upgrade myself with the latest professional attires through reading researches, theories and various professional writings Nevertheless, it is my limitation to connect concepts, experiences and contents. Generally, I am going to rate myself as in between work in progress and approaching expectation of the professional rubrics.

Planning the Desired Professional Practice

Following the diagnosis of the level at which the professional development of a professional is, it is quite imperative to target the required level of professional development one needs to have. For this listing of the desired professional practice to better manage and lead the organization even as role model of the organization is vital. In this respect, using the six professional dispositions discussed above I have targeted what I aspire to be in the future to be competent professionally and fit for any organization as leader or manager.

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