Community Service in Social Justice and Human Rights

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Through the positive activities involved in Community Service, the ideals of social justice and human rights can be promoted. However, while these actions may be beneficial in the short term, many of these services are not sustainable over an extended period of time.

Community service is able to recover social justice by unifying people and creating empathy for others within your own community. Beach clean ups are an example of a service that requires individuals to have to work together to accomplish a greater goal. The possibility of living in a society where everyone is protected, both in mental and physical capacities, is much greater when people strive for a certain objective as a cohesive unit. This work also addresses the social issues found in a community and raises awareness for them. Volunteer work allows the participants to empathize with those who live in different circumstances to their own. This not only includes poverty, disease and starvation but also issues such as racism, rape and violence. Multiple organizations (crisis hotlines and outreach programs) all work to support positive social change. These can all generate more impetus to work towards a community where everyone is treated equally.

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In most cases, community service works towards restoring essential utilities and is able to empower a community to make a change. In underprivileged areas there if often a lack of many of the human rights being maintained. They often don’t have access to clean water, healthcare and an education. Through service to the community, these issues can be subsidized by means of donation and charity which provide a source of food and materials. Teaching others who come from places where there is little schooling, and educating them on problems that affect them, enables them to be independent and conscious of upholding their own rights. By aiding people in need, you are respecting them as humans who deserve to be recognized as equal and are restoring human dignity. There are various rights that are being supported in the different courses of action that can be taken when doing social work.

However, not all methods are completely sustainable. A vital element of effective community service is ensuring the people you are helping are able to continue to grow and develop by themselves and not have to rely on others. Non-profit organizations that are built for a good cause generally have very little government funding and then have to depend on the charity of others to function efficiently (baby homes or soup kitchens). The organization Charity: Water trained the members of the community to be able to sustain the wells they built, therefore assuring the woman of the area were able to run the system effectively without needing their assistance. If this didn’t happen, community service would be never-ending in the pursuit of a self-sustaining community.

Although these services for the community are not sustainable in the long-term, these actions are still hugely beneficial to the up liftment and preservation of human rights and social justice in communities that are in need of aid.

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