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How Community Service Can Improve Human Rights and Our Society as a Whole

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Community service can restore social justice and uphold human rights because of helpful organisations and very generous charities, however there are also some things and people out there that try to prove otherwise. Community service is basically you giving your time and resources to help those less fortunate than yourself. Social justice is basically the distribution of wealth and health across the entire community. Human rights are in place to protect us as human beings and to make sure that we are all treated equally.

Community service can restore social justice and uphold human rights through the creation of organisations and what they do to uplift people to restore their human dignity. These organisations are created on the basis of volunteering who, by giving their time, skills and resources to assist communities which are ravaged by social scourges such as poverty, HIV, high rate of teenage pregnancies, abandoned babies, domestic violence, rape and drug addiction. An organisation that deals with poverty in our community is Heifer and they help poor communities grow food and produce an income for themselves to break the poverty cycle and it restores human dignity by this organisation teaching them how to farm crops and livestock. An organisation that deals with HIV/AIDS in a poor community is AIDS Foundation South Africa and they help poor communities learn how not to spread the disease. An organisation that deals with the high rate of teenage pregnancies and abandoned babies is SOS Children’s Villages South Africa for orphans and abandoned babies and the organisation that deals with teenage pregnancies is The National Teenage Pregnancy Partnership and they either take care of orphans and abandoned children or deal with teenage pregnancies. An organisation that deals with domestic violence is People opposed to Women abuse and they deal with abuse to women and girls. This organisation also deals with rape for women and girls. An organisation that deals with drug addiction is South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and they deal with all types of drug/alcohol addiction or abuse.

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Another organisation that has restored social justice and upheld human rights is Scott Harrison’s Charity: Water. This an environmental issue, not a social issue but it has directly impacted on restoring dignity to the women of the community. Before this project was initiated these women suffered tremendously as they had to walk for hundreds of kilometers barefoot with their babies strapped to their backs and they had to carry two 10 gallon water barrels which way about fifteen kilograms and they had to walk while carrying all this weight. This meant that most of their day was spent collecting water which meant that they had very little time to spend with their kids who often got sent home from school as their clothes were dirty so they had to wait the whole day for their mother to get home to clean their clothes. But this was not often achieved as they often ran out of water before they could clean their uniforms so they constantly ran out of water and they would be unable to water their crops to grow food so they would eventually starve to death but lucky that never happened. But now the children will always have clean drinking water, their mother will always have water to water the crops, clean everything around the house and would always have water to spare for other activities.

Community service cannot uphold human rights and restore social justice because of the violence that is happening in North Africa peacekeeping soldiers are often sent to protect these villages however they are not always protected as intended as the soldiers will often rape the women and the young girls which is absolutely unacceptable for a peacekeeping soldier as they should not be going anywhere near the village’s women or young girls they are meant to set up a perimeter around the village and stay at their posts for as long as possible.

As we can see there are many very positive ways in which community service can uphold human rights and social justice the many South African organisations and the very helpful Charity:Water show the rest of the world all the good we can do for our community but every now and then there are the issue that pop up about rape, abuse, drug addiction and all sorts of chaos but that is what these organisations are slowly, but surely, trying to prevent from ever happening again.


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