Community Service Should Be Mandatory Or not

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Some people participate in community service because they feel it is the right thing to do, enjoy helping others and the environment, or they are required to. Even though the volunteer may not feel as though they are benefiting from the experience, they are. Community service can help develop and improve social skills. The environment is also positively affected by community service. Overall, the greatest benefit of volunteering is the impact on the community.

As a teenager, community service can seem forced because high schools often require it for graduation. Volunteering is not something that should be forced upon others, but positively encouraged. There are many benefits to volunteering that should be known. Teens often struggle with anxiety, stress, and anger all of which volunteering can counteract. By building a sense of pride and character, they are more likely to have a positive view of life. The effects often appear quickly and last long-term. Long-term positive effects will help teens when it is time for them to begin applying to jobs and colleges.

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Community service can also improve the social life of the volunteer. For example, they may learn a new skill that will be socially beneficial to them in the future. A common skill learned by volunteering is communication. Communication can be hard for those who are shy. By talking to people of all ages, they learn how to feel comfortable holding a conversation. This particular skill is essential to achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships. Healthy relationships can have positive effects such as less stress, healthier behaviors, and a greater sense of purpose.

While community service is about helping those who are unable to perform a task themselves or alone, it can also be about improving the environment. During colder months, parks and rivers are often left neglected which leaves them polluted. By volunteering in the warmer months, helping to clean those areas, they will not only be cleaner but also safer and healthier. If the environment was not taken care of resources such as water, land, and air quality would dwindle. Trash and pollutants are inevitable, however, they can be rectified.

Helping others has always come naturally to me. Whether or not I get recognition for it, does not matter to me. Community service is not only about helping those who need it but also about improving the area you live in. The environment is very important to me, improving the quality of it makes me happy. I cannot force others to help their community, because they would not benefit from the experience that way. Instead, I hope to encourage others to improve the area they live in. 

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