School Interior Design Idea: Lockable Mobile Storage for Teachers

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With a higher student population, school teachers are quickly losing vital storage space. Many have even lost their classroom and instead move from room to room. Teachers and librarians now need compact storage solutions that can move with them. These need to hold personal items — supplies such as books or art needs, and anything else utilized in lesson plans. Lockable mobile storage offers the answer for many school departments.

High Density Mobile Shelving for Teachers

Many teachers now use small carts they can move from classroom to classroom. Rather than having a personal room, teachers are mobile. This is especially true in colleges or specialized departments such as music, the arts or reading. The carts offer a small space for supplies, but nowhere for personal items to be secured. If your school implements high density mobile shelving, each teacher can have a personal place to store excess and personal supplies. These shelving systems are extremely customizable to fit any room, without overtaking the space. They are made from 40 percent recycled steel and offer a number of security options like:

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  • Filing Drawer
  • Divided Drawer
  • Sliding Door
  • Retracting Door
  • Magazine Drawer
  • Quik-Roll Security Door
  • Library Shelving

Universities, colleges and secondary schools need to keep a large amount of books available for students. Their education is dependent on the references and readings on hand at their school. Space, however, is often limited, and that can then limit the amount of books on hand. With proper library shelving, schools will find an increase in space size that allows them to build a better library. When the mobile storage in installed, it decreases the aisle space by up to 50 percent. This means your library can double its inventory within the same footprint, or add study rooms. This benefits your students who then have more resources available.

Other Uses for Compact Storage

Once shelving systems are installed in the high-need sectors of your school, you may find many other departments benefit. There are a variety of places to install customized compact storage to increase your space without losing storage.

Some of these include:

  • Locker Rooms
  • Media Centers
  • Chemical Storage in Science Rooms
  • Cafeteria Pantries
  • Student Records

Your employee break room and kitchen can benefit from a compact shelving system. This allows teachers a place to store their non-perishable items or foods that do not need to be refrigerated. The break room, which is often small, then gains space for more tables, to create a collaborative environment. Teachers can meet to problem solve, relax and connect, to create a friendly and connected staff. This benefits your employee and student satisfaction rates.

As schools close and student density increases, optimizing your space is a necessity. Adapting compact storage solutions gives you the opportunity to double your space without sacrificing education. You may end up with a higher quality education when you gain organization and space for more resources. Whether it is a university, high school, or elementary school, mobile storage can be added to increase your space.

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