Comparative Analysis of Indian and Pakistani Cultures

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There are so many cultures in this world, but here I am going to compare about two cultures that are India and Pakistan. I’ve chosen these two groups because it has interesting fact 71 years ago Pakistan was the part of India and whole country name was Punjab. O that time the cultural values were same but after partition there are some changes in both culture that are explained below.

Similarities: The nations share regular celebrations too. Since a great many people in the two nations have horticultural land they both praise basic occasional and rural celebrations, for example, Baisakhi, which is a Thanksgiving Day for ranchers and Basant, which is commended toward the finish of winter season. Then again, Pakistan is a Muslim nation and India is a Hindu state so there are numerous celebrations that are not basic among them. In Pakistan occasions like Eid ul Fitar Eid ul Adha and Muharram are honored which are Islamic, then again in India celebrations like Diwali and Holi are commended which are Hindu celebrations.

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Work: Both has different earning sources like in Pakistan they earn money from winter clothing and faming of nuts and fruits. In Pakistan there is least farming of wheat and rice. They believe in working with group and alone too. In India in north area (Punjab) mostly people’s earning source is farming and some of them are in abroad and some on different jobs.

Religious activities: In Pakistan people worship the Kuraan sheriff. They also keep fast for 30 days and they start it from 4 am to 7 pm and then eat sweet dish to finish their fast. Hindu worship The Geeta and their wife keep fast for one day to increase the age of their husbands. Punjabis worship Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji but there is no any fast activity in Sikh religion.

Dress up: Pakistan’s national dress is Salwar Kameez for ladies and for males Kurta and Salwar. Ladies dresses a Burkha which cover their whole body except their eyes and it is of black color always. They are not allowed to wear jeans tops and they are not allowed to show their face to outsiders this is only for ladies. In India girls mostly wear jeans tops and other modern clothes but in Punjab Girls mostly wear salwar kameez and men mostly wear kurta pajama and turban and young boys wear jeans T shirts.

Behavior: Indians like to live in society and they have friendly nature as compare to People of Pakistan. Aggression level in both groups is equal. They both have same social agents.

Support to feminist: Pakistan is less feminist as compare to India because in India girls has more freedom and they can work independently.

Laws: Pakistan has excellent laws in case of rape as compare to India. I’m going to compare recent cases of rape in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan a girl was victim of group rape and she was not adult the court punish that guys to hang till death but in India same case happen near about 8 month ago but the court did not take any action against that criminals.

Eating habits: Pakistani are non-vegetarian, and they eat only halal meat and in India mostly people vegetarian but also non-vegetarian too. There are no any restrictions for them to eat halal meat and they can any kind of meat.

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