Holes: Book and Movie Comparison

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Holes: Book And Movie Comparison

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Loyal friendships and the interlace of fate in the novel based, Holes and movie are consecutively illustrated throughout the scenes and chapters. The ever so spoken of bond between Stanley and Zero’s friendship intertwines and leads to their destined mutual survival, breaking apart the ill-fated curse that was once upon Stanley’s family.

The truth and Genuity of friendship and unselfish bond Stanley and Zero learnt them freedom and fortune, not just material wealth and physical freedom, but the aspect to finally be emotionally free, justice serving, happiness spreading, and self-satisfaction blooming between the two boys. From the chosen many camera angles used in a direction of the choice of distinctive literature, it can be seen that fate is what brought them together but friendship is what kept them together.

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From crosscutting scenes to the over well shown ‘establishing shot’, Andrew Davis has taken the advantage of the visual aspect even with the downfall of limited verbal freedom, and turned the well-known novel ‘holes’ into an optical attraction. Although the dramatic and artistic aspects of the film were beyond ‘well’ for the time it was released, it was noticeable that due to the inefficiency of vocab permitted, the storyline was noticeably cut in both minor and major areas. For instance, clearly seen in the movie that the main character Stanley is visually at all not overweight at the slightest but is described as ‘big’ and ‘overweight’ in the novel, questioning the role of casting in the movie of a slim child instead of an overweight one. As the point of whether Shia Labeouf was fitted right for the role is irrelevant to the common theme followed through the book and movie, a relevant example of a difference was how Stanley and Zero’s fate journey began, the pair of shoes.

In the book Derrick Dunne, the bully mentioned only in the book, had taken Stanley’s notebook as therefor it was Stanley’s instinct to run after his notebook, coincidentally leading the sneakers landing on Stanley. The whole character Derrick Dunne was misplaced from the movie as it was discovered that Stanley was peaceful walking home from school when the shoes fell onto him, the scene continuing from then on, in the same way the novel does. Book: Stanley believing that he was always at the wrong place at the wrong time, events taken place in the book seem to be a result of pure written fate in the form of friendship of members Stanley Yelnats and Hector Zeroni families, a mutual benefit of both parties. Each and every coincidence in the novel, for example the shoes that Hector stole flying off the hood of a parked car and hitting Stanley on the head, is so unpredictable and unlikely that it appears fate is the determining factor in these characters' lives. This exact type of fate is continuous but in the form of friendship as shown throughout the novel and movie, Hector would have never left camp green lake if the close bond and friendship between Hector and Stanley did not exist, since the curse would have never been broken, leading the lawyer to never have saving them out from Camp Greenlake to then become brother like friends. The book holding the unlimited power of vocab and literature by its side, Louis Sachar made great use of the benefit with the use of descriptive and emotive language added throughout the book, including use of subtitles and mini chapters for flashbacks, creating a vivid image in the readers mind, rather than seeing the actually image eye to eye, it was up to the readers imagination.

In conclusion, three stories from separate times in history are combined in Holes both the movie and novel, together creating one wholesome story, theme while entangling the importance of history. The critic or reader is given information from all three stories but Stanley and Zero only know the history that has been passed down to them through stories and songs that critics and readers are approached by words on paper or verbal and physical actions seen to the naked eye. Through analysis of both novel and cinematic featured holes it is seen that other than minor replacements and forgotten events or characters, the basic storyline and major events that have taken place in the novel have repeated themselves in the movie after the examination.

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