Comparative Analysis of the Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes

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College degrees are right at a person’s fingertips. Anybody from anywhere in the nation has the opportunity to complete his or her degree online. People should choose a classroom over an online course because online courses have more work and cause stress, a person has to guide themselves when he or she has a simple question, and does not have face-to-face interactions. The best place to learn is in a classroom full of students and a teacher that has a common goal, which is to learn the same material.

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Firstly, People should choose a classroom over an online course because online courses have more work and cause stress. Online classes are way more work than normal classes. A person has to read, understand the material, and follow specific directions given when taking an online course. Online courses have more deadlines to go by(5 Disadvantages). When a person signs up for an online class he or she expects it to be easier and much more relieving than a class that has a schedule a person has to work around. In reality, when your busy day is over, it has really just started. A person will have to start on the assignment he or she has been putting off for a couple days just because they can. Therefore, when it comes to the deadline, a person gives an informal submission and then results in low grades or a late submission that reduces the chances of passing the class.

Secondly, a person has to guide themselves when he or she has a simple question which is another reason why a person should choose a classroom instead of an online course. A person has to guide himself or herself and know how to follow directions without instructors help at all times. An email or text can help, but it is not as fast and accurate as it would be in a classroom. Communication is much more efficient when someone is there to fully understand and explain the material a person is learning. An instructor can give a person more solutions to a problem that a student has, and makes their learning experience better (Online Learning Fails to Deliver).

Finally, the most important reason people should choose a classroom over an online course is because online courses do not offer interactions between people. Humans were born to interact with one another. Some fields need hands-on training or need the use of specialized equipment. If a person is interested in biochemistry, sonography, public speaking or physical therapy, then he or she will most likely have to visit the campus (Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes). People learn better when an experienced person is there to help when needed. A student needs someone on demand with helpful teaching experience.

Given these points, online courses lack the quality of a classroom. They do not provide face-to-face interactions that some students need, it is an intense requirement for self-direction, and online classes are way more work than normal classes. It is better to receive education through a classroom rather than online because it provides more efficient results to a person’s learning.

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