Comparison of Inventing, Reinventing, and Innovating in a Digital Aspect of Life

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Basically, it’s very compulsory and helpful for one to be in a life and world where invention, reinvention, and innovation continuously happen. These three things come into play a lot whether if it’s you are in a business of your own and you need to develop and provide substantial growth for your business. Or even when finding a job, or being around a close and comfortable social group of colleagues, soulmates, and people who find have the same common interest of things just like yourself.

When it comes to invention, the positive aspect is that wherever you are in life, wherever you are studying at, or even working at, learn to identify the problems that you see around you and work on improving them. Everything you see around you – every item you own, every book you’ve read, every app you use, every website you browse – was once nothing more than an idea in someone else’s head. Coming up with an idea or inventing a product is a process that takes commitment, dedication, and self-belief. If you are indeed an “idea person,” you know that coming up with ideas isn’t the hard part. It’s sticking with just one of them for long enough, and seeing it through from vision to reality, that really is the trial. Ultimately, inventing a product or coming up with an idea means one thing: solving a problem, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. There are certain things that don’t need to be reinvented, like the wheel. But once in a while, someone transforms an everyday object no one thought could be improved. For soap and shampoo bottles, which use compressed air to dispense their contents. That mechanism fails miserably once the bottle gets too low, and you’re left with wasted soap every time.

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The study of innovation is a still a relatively young field but one that interacts with several other disciplines including management, economics and sociology. Understanding how innovation happens and the impact those processes have are vital to both individual businesses and to national economic development. During the past 50 years, innovation scholars have made major contributions in challenging existing ideas and reconfiguring perceived assumptions about the sources and determinants of innovative ideas. Successful innovation therefore is increasingly understood as the result of such relationships and the management of external knowledge and resources, meaning the firm is not always able to control its developmental path. In a world where you can order shoes, dinner, and a hammer from your couch with a few swipes of your finger, the divide between how we do things with government and how we do nearly everything else has become chasm-like. The way that most services are delivered today involves technology. But government is hopelessly behind when it comes to buying, building, and using technology – and the killer combination of a lack of internal expertise and a lack of funds has led to some spectacular failures.

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