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Comparison Of Movies "Jack And Jill" And "Cheaper By The Dozen"

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The main conflict in Jack and Jill is that Jack does not like his sister because of how she acts, she is annoying and always wants to be next to Jack, which bothers him, still he loves her. We can tell that Jack despairs a lot when Jill talks or does something. Jack realizes that Jill is a great woman when Al Pacino starts looking over her way too much. Since they are twins they are very equal in many ways, so they are always fighting and having trouble between each other. Jack and Jill takes place in Los Angeles, California, the time is the present where computers and advanced technology already existed. This movie’s theme would be that do not take too much time appreciating what you have, because you’ll never know when you’ll lose it. This movie is an interesting comedy because is a single actor acting as a woman and as a man.

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In contrast with Cheaper by the Dozen, the main conflict in this movie, is that the main character who is Tom Baker meets his rival, Bill Shenk in a lake for summer vacation. Each family has a big amount of family members, so they competed between each other at a competition in the lake, Bakers against Shenks. Tom and Bill always spent their time comparing who had the best kids, meaning that Tom’s kids were better than Bill’s and vice versa. At the competition, something happened to Nora, Tom’s daughter, who was pregnant, so Bill’s family felt obliged to help them, and they did. The theme of this movie would be that we should not fight or trouble with someone from our past because we never know when we will need something from that certain person, other theme would be to always work as a group, family, or stay united to complete your goals. The tone in most of the movie is funny, they’re always having fun and having a good time with all the family united even though they fight.

Both of the movies are interesting, meaning that you never stop laughing and they have good stories to tell. They share the meaning of family and the significance of having a united family. They also share that both of them have their own ups and downs through all the film, and they both are comedies. I think they share much in common other than being both comedies, they are very alike as films, they have similar themes, and share the same tone, which is fun or funny. In both of these films appear two different characters who are always in conflict and this fact makes the movies very alike. However, they also have differences such as the time when the movies were released, Jack and Jill was released eight years ago, but there’s no big differences from now and eight years ago. Instead, Cheaper by the Dozen was released fourteen years ago, we could tell its time is in the past, when advanced technology didn’t exist yet, and kids still played outside and not with tablets or cellphones, like it appears in Jack and Jill. Both of the movies are realistic, meaning that what happens in each film could literally happen in our lives.

The mood in Jack and Jill would be frustrated because Jack always feels frustrated of her sister, but also cheerful. Unlike Cheaper by the Dozen the mood is most likely humorous because this family is kind of crazy and they’re always doing funny stuff and having a good time together. These two comedy movies tell us that sometimes we have to confront conflicts before the success, that doesn’t mean we always have to be fighting, no, it just means that rain always comes before the rainbow and we have to deal with it. These movies mostly try to teach us how important it is to maintain our families united and how important it is to have a good time as a family.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?