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In Competitive Exams an individual's depth of thoughts and understanding of matters counts. It's the race of pithy ideas and succinct thoughts. In addition, the one with more mature & critical approach towards social, political and cultural conundrums excel the rest of lot. All this encompass the concept of competitive exams. Now the question arises that in a country like Pakistan when one's thoughts get mature?

This question begs utmost attention of the authorities that are about to introduce civil services reforms. Besides, answering this question one can argue that in a country like Pakistan mental maturity takes time. This loophole can be attributed to the substandard education system, unequal educational facilities and economic disparities. Taking this argument forward if we compare the students of developed areas with that of backward then we see a huge difference in their perceptions and way of thinking. This difference can be discarded by increasing the upper age limit. Currently, the age limit for appearing in Civil Service Exams is 30 for the student belonging to settle areas. While aspirants from backward areas are given two years of Relaxation which makes their age limit 32. Within this age limit they can have three attempts of CSS & PMS. Now the point to mull over is that in our neighbouring country India the age limit is 35 and students can have six attempts. Further, the developed countries like United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and Finland there is no upper age limit for competitive exams aspirants. Here one thinks that when the candidates of such advanced countries have no upper age limit to appear in competitive exams then why in Pakistan such a less age limit is fixed?

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The fact of the matter is that in Pakistan a huge inequality exist when it comes to the facilities of standard education and economic opportunities. These facts create hurdles for the aspirants from deprived areas. Considering these obstacles they less likely to tap into their mental capacities. As they lack competent teachers, guidance and required material for qualifying the exam. That being said, it doesn't mean that the students from backward areas lack competence. Actually they come across relevant material and required environment a tad late. However, when they come across it then they contain the ability to transform themselves. All they need is a bit more Relaxation in the upper age limit for appearing in Competitive exams. Bluntly put, a student from underdevelop area has to deal with myriad of conundrums in life. After all these complications and responsibilities a candidate manages to get some time for studies. Unfortunately, till that time the candidate crosses the fixed age limit for appearing in Civil service exams. The short and long of it is that the incumbent government should look into the matter of age Relaxation in civil service examinations at both, federal and provincial level. This is beneficial for the aspirants from less privileged areas. At the same time if the age limit will be increased then ripened pool of aspirants will try their luck in competitive exams.

All in all Pakistan will reap benefit from this change as seasoned minds would become a part of the civil bureaucracy. Thus, the government should attentively pay heed to this issue of age relaxation.

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