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China in Dance In today’s essay, I will be writing about China in Dance and the name of the company, Location, choreographers, music, the lights, makeup and costume, the sets, choreography, skills, technique, professionalism, my overall impression, and my likes and dislikes. On Friday, September 28, 2018, I saw China in Dance at the Community Center theater on 1301 L Street Sacramento, CA 94814. The Company of China in Dance was the Beijing Dance Academy from U. C. Davis. China in Dance was hosted by the Davis Chinese Film Festival Foundation (DCFFF). In Scene 1 it was a female group dance called the Ta Ge.

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The Choreographer for this dance is Sun Ying. It was a group of 12 female dancers. In this scene, all the girls wore a green top with a white skirt. On that skirt had a pink and orange ribbon connected to the skirt. The girl’s dresses had triangle shaped cuts at the bottom of the skirt. The dancers wore pink elf shoes. All dancers had 3 tall buns in their hair with a flower clip and ribbon. Their makeup was a white powdered face with red lipstick. They had lots of eyeliner and mascara on. In this performance, it was a Chinese dance style. One thing I noticed was that they were all happy and smiling. The dance had soft and light movements. The dancers move their arms and head the most. The lights came from up top where the curtains are. Something that I liked was how the movements were so short it made it look pretty and elegant. Overall Scene 1 was great and powerful. In Scene 2 It is a male quartet dance called the Qin Warriors. The Choreographer is Chan Weiya. The Performers name is Xue Ziqian, Chen BIngrui, Jiang aidong, and Li Mengshi. The four dancers each wore a different colored outfit. One dancer had a red outfit, another dancer had a blue, the third dancer had an orange outfit on, The fourth dancer had a green outfit on. On top of those outfits, they had army armor on it. The boys did have makeup on, they wore black eyeliner with a white powdered face. In this scene, they had different dance styles. One dance style was robotic moves. Another dance style was Kung Fu moves. The male in the orange outfit did 20 pirouettes. Each dancer had their own solo in the dance.

The lighting for this scene was red and yellow. In between the scene, the lights would switch between the colors red and yellow. Something that I liked about this performance was that every move was precise and on point with the music. Another thing I liked was the movements were fast but also very elegant. Lastly, another thing that I liked was the fog that came from out of the fog machines. I liked that because the fog gave the scene a great effect. Overall I would say scene two was really good and entertaining. In Scene 3 it is a Duo Dance called the butterfly lovers. The choreographer for this scene is Li Hengda. Some of the performers that were in this scene were Luo Jincheng and Sun Can. In this dance, there were one boy and 1 girl. The girl was wearing a peach dress with pink elf shoes. The boy was wearing a silver suit with blue elf shoes. The girl’s makeup was a white powder face with red lipstick. The girls also wore black eyeliner. The boy wore blue eyeshadow. For their hair they both had buns. In their buns, they had pink and blue ribbons tied together with the hair. The lighting was three different colors red, yellow, and white. In the dance, they all did over 10 pirouettes at a time. In part of the scene, they did an arabesque. One thing that I thought was quite impressing was how the girl jumps and landed on top of the boy’s legs. At one point in the dance, they did a chasse.

One thing that I thought was really cool is when the girl did and Extension. Overall I thought that this performance was impressive. In Scene 4 it was a female solo dance called the flying angel. The choreographer was Chen Weiya. The female dancer name was Geng Zhenni. Geng Zhenni wore a gold jeweled top with glittery green pants. At the bottom of her pants, there was a fade of red, orange, and yellow. She also wore lots of jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. Geng Zhenni had a white powdered face with red lipstick. She also wore black eyeliner. For her hair, she had s bun with Jewelry attached to it. She also wore a jeweled crown in her hair. One thing that I noticed was that she used a really long ribbon that had the colors of red, orange, and yellow on it. Geng used the ribbon the whole entire time. Geng used the ribbon the whole entire time because she was ribbon dancing. Geng made geometric shapes with the ribbon. During the dance, I noticed that she had pointed feet. She also had long extended fingers. Another thing that I noticed was that the lighting there was yellow and white lights coming from the top of the ceiling.

At the beginning of the scene, there was white fog coming out of the fog machines placed near the curtains. One thing that I liked was how it was so graceful and pretty but also entertaining at the same time. Overall this performance was impressive. In Scene 5 it was a male group dance called the young scholars. The choreographer for this scene is Hu Yan. In this scene, there were 12 female dancers. The dancers would wear a blue or gray robe that had lots of designs on it. For example, it had lots of detailed fish sewed into the robe. For the boy’s makeup they had black eyeliner on with a white powdered face. In the dancer’s hair there was a big bun with gray ribbon in it. During the performance, they had a prop that was used the whole entire time. The prop was a white fan. The type of dance that they danced to was a Chinese dance style. During the performance, they used three different colored lights yellow, blue and white. The lights were shined on a black background.

There was one thing that stood out to me. It was even though they used a prop they still showed emotion to the music and their dancing. The music was so sad and they expressed their feelings so well it made feel like we were actually there when it happened. One thing that I liked about this scene was how they all connected and worked together. One thing I didn’t like was how there wasn’t lots of dancing it was mostly just making different shapes with the fans. In scene six it was a female group dance called thousand- hands guanyin. The choreographer was Gao Jinrong. In this dance, there were 11 dancers. Those dancers wore gold outfits that had glitter and jewels on them. In this scene they did not have shoes they danced barefoot. The dancers had a white powdered face with red lipstick, black eyeliner, and black and blue eyeshadow. For their hair, they had a bun that was covered by a golden jeweled crown. The dancers wore two feet long false nails that had golden nail polish on with jewels and glitter on them. In this scene, there was only one color of light that came from the ceiling which was yellow. In the begging of the scene, there were fog machines. Some of the dance moves that I liked was how they all stood in one spot then did a releve. Another thing that I liked was how the moves were right on beat with the music. I noticed that they were doing Egyptian moves.

One thing I disliked was the false nails. I felt like it drew too much attention. I also didn’t like their music choice in some parts of the song because it sounded like a high pitch scream. In scene 7 it was a male group dance called invincible. The choreographer for this dance is Ou Siwei. The preforms in this dance were Wei Shenvang, Li Zunvue, Jin Ziqian, Chen Bingrui, Zhou Zihan, Li Mengshi, Hou Li, Zhang Hua, Sun Ruiqi, Jian Aidong, Liu Zhiqiang, and Huang Liangmin. There were 12 dancers. Those dancers wore gray and green outfits. On their outfits, they had these metal beads on their dresses that made lots of sounds. The dancers had a white powdered face with black eyeliner. All 12 dancers had short hair. The lighting changed between red, blue, and yellow. At the beginning of the scene there was a smoke all around the stage.

During the dance one of the dancers did 10 pirouettes. Another did an allegro. Overall I think that this dance was ok because they didn’t really dance too much. In scene 8 it was a female solo dance called dancing as painting. The choreographer was Tong Ruirui. The performer was Peng Zhiqin. Peng wore a white dress with long sleeves that had pink and blue paint on it. Peng wore a bun with a blue ribbon in it. She also had a white powdered face with black eyeliner, red lipstick and dark blue eyeshadow with pink blush. The light altered between blue and yellow lights. Peng used a fan that had pink, blue, purple, and yellow paint marks the whole entire performance. One thing I liked was how the fan and her dancing were so elegant.

During the dance peng seemed very happy. Overall this performance was very entertaining and fun. In scene 9 the final scene it was a group dance called the yellow river. The choreographers were Yao Yong and Zhang Yujun. The performers for this dance were all the dancers. All dancers had a color some had pink, blue, purple, and green t-shirts and pants. For their make up the boys wore a white powdered face with black eyeliner and the girls had a white powdered face with black eyeliner and red lipstick. For the lighting, it was white with a black background. All the dancers would be right on beat with the music while doing releve. One thing I liked was they would all hurdle up and one by one raise one hand or lift one person. Overall I would say that this was the best performance out of all of them. In Conclusion, I would say that it was a great show and I learned that it takes lots of hard work and strength to dance.

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