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Computers are electrical devices used to store and process data which is usually embedded in binary code. According to Businessdictionary Computer Science is the “study of computing, programming, and computation in correspondence with computer systems” (1). Moreover Computer Science is basically taking the Computer and practically exploring the ins and outs of how a computer functions using both its hardware and software . With the title Computer Science comes an array of positions or job titles that are all essential to simplify everyday tasks and eliminate tedious repetitive task. These titles can range anywhere from Computer programming, Web development, and Network management. Although all 3 titles are completely different they all work together to make use of computers in such a way that helps make life much easier.

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Computer Programming is one of many career opportunities that can come from the study of Computer Science. Computer programming is essentially guiding or directing the computer through the use of many languages the computer can understand. In Computer programming, programmers can input code which is placed in a storage area in the computer and the instruction can be completed by the computer one instruction after another (2). When creating a program you often use some sort of computer language that when finished can be compiled and turned into binary code the computer can understand and execute (Ibid).

Programmer’s can create many different things with a computer that can make even the most tedious and repetitive task simple to novice users. Many programs we often use everyday like Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheet, and Microsoft Presentation were created by computer programmers and have become a global phenomenon. According to Windows Central “There are now 1.2 billion office users and 60 million office 365 users” as of march 2016 (3). Every year the succession of Computer Programs continue to increase in stature as well as benefit much of the novice computer users. Computer Programmers should typically have the ability to work with others, have strong verbal skills, and keep organized in order to get jobs done efficiently and effectively (4). Also Computer programmers should, depending on the job have prior coding experience to apply what they know to job related situations.

Web development is another career title that the study of Computer Science can offer. Without Web development many social media sites, music sites, and entertainment sites would not exist. Web development serves as a great platform for both novice computer users and superusers to explore the online environment. Many of the pages we visit are often created using languages like Javascript and PHP for user interaction purposes. Developers also use the mark up language Html to structure the webpage and Cascading style sheets or css for short for enhancing visuals (5). Without the mentioned languages the internet would not be able to thrive and develop as it is. Web Developers much like computer programmers, make the internet much more accessible and user-friendly for novice users. Web developers are usually required to have good communication skills, be extremely detail oriented and capable of owning a project from beginning to end. Also many jobs require that Web developers have prior experience and a bachelor ‘s degree in computer science as well (6).

Another Career opportunity the study of Computer Science can offer is Network Administration. “Network Administrators are often responsible for keeping an organization ‘s network up to date and running smoothly” (7). Network Administrators can often identify problems and hiccups in the networking environment and create solutions to fix them. Today there are a lot of different organizations that use computers and networking as a way to stimulate the company ‘s growth and as a result it is essential to have someone who can identify and fix any problems as they rise. Network administrators often are expected to have great oral and written communication skills, as well as keep organized, and have prior experience in the field (8). For many jobs Network administrators are required to have a bachelor ‘s degree in Computer science as well.

Being a Computer Science major you are exposed to many different career paths and opportunities that are essential in today’s world. Without the study of computer science , the mysteries behind computers and how they operate would not have been unraveled resulting in a technological crisis. Many people today would say that without computers we would not be able to sustain survivability or that survivability would be much harder and that is very well correct. If you think about all the technology we use on a daily basis it may become clear that we can not proceed to live without them.

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