Computer Science Engineering from Jain College of Engineering

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From my early childhood till today, my most prodigious characteristics have been my curiosity to learn new topics. My curiosity of learning new ideas, when combined with my inner proclivity to reach a degree of excellence in every piece of work, I perform, enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects of nature and technology, as well as leading me through a successful educational career.

During the early days of my school life, I always enjoyed visiting my uncles place, I would buzz around the elevators with my cousins, One fine the curiosity of its working, what i felt was a sense of marvel. Here are innovations that kept evolving not only technically but also held infinite scope for creativity and logic. I feel a similar sense of exhilaration when i see my code run successfully. It is this feeling, which till date, drives me not to give up on the toughest of problems. And it is the love for programming, combined with my desires to dig deeper into the working of various applications and technologies, which propels me to apply MS in computer science.

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In the year 2014, I pursed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from Jain College of Engineering affiliated to VTU which is one of premier institute in engineering studies. The curriculum introduced me to the various subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms, C, C++, Database Management and many more. Thus this helped me to gaining good knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science Engineering.

Later during my pre final year, I perceived more practical knowledge through participation in State Level Paper Presentation-SRISHTI organised by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad titled “MIND READING COMPUTER” which enabled to understand how computer technologies react to people emotions and mental states. Though computer can solve extraordinarily complex problems with incredible speed, the information they digest is fed to them by slow cumbersome tools.

Every individual is only racing against time and I really had to push myself into areas that would test my capabilities as well as widen my horizons, as each day is great opportunity to learn new things. The proposed project is a smart online appointment booking system that provides students an ease way of generating token online for getting an appointment for admission purpose. This is web based application that overcomes the issue of managing and booking appointments according to student’s demand/choice. 

The thing that I did contribute to my project was to lead and manage the project team as I was a team leader. Established work schedule for each one of us and assigned tasks to team members. Handled and helped the team mates with the coding and designing Web Pages, I made different type of algorithms and flow charts for coding purposes and made sure that each one of us understood every aspect of the project which culminated the project productive.

I also conducted a seminar during my final semester on “Student Performance Analysis using Data Mining technique” in which a detailed research was made by focusing on the methodologies and tools for extracting knowledge using WKEA(Waikato Environment Knowledge Analysis) Machine Learning software, developed by Waikato university of New Zealand. As an undergraduate I have striven for progress and to achieve well-defined goals. The master’s program would make me preeminent in my career and this is also a major step between my undergraduate program and my forthcoming future goals.

Besides theoretical work, I gained practical knowledge in Computer Science through internships and various project works. My first hands-on experience was in Mistral Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore. This is one of the most outstanding Design and System Engineering Company in India. These experiences were invaluable for me since I learned the serviceability and functionality of various real world applications. Working in such an outstanding place,I grasped the applications of computer technologies in various sections, .

Knowledge is an ocean that has no coast and I have realized that the knowledge and experiences that I have gained during my bachelor’s degree is just a handful of sand, there is still an ocean of knowledge to learn. To further enhance the prosperity of the country, the aging infrastructure must be replaced in the imminent future. This should promise a bright future for construction project management.

I am closet nerd. There may be a difference between brilliant and average brains, but we all are creative. I am confident enough that I will be able to give my best and contribute the best to your university through my managerial skills and my prodigious efforts. Having acquired a solid foundation in the field of computer science through a rigorous undergraduate program, and my various internships in the IT industry I would try to be a precedent of good work in the near future. Looking forward to become a part of your cosmopolitan academic atmosphere.

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