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Computer Understanding Or What is Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality is that all networks should provide equal access to all content on line. Net neutrality states that internet service providers (ISP) should treat all content flowing through their cables and cell towers equally. This prevents data to slip into “fast lanes” and blocking or discriminating against other material. The creator of net neutrality, Tim Wu, believed that providers like comcast should not be able to ban users from using virtual private networks(VPNs).

The benefit of this is that internet service providers(ISP) can not block content that they do not want you to see, like a rival site or sites that conflict with their interests. It also allows smaller companies to have a chance to become just as successful as their competitors. On the other hand, all companies should have to work there way to become successful instead of it just given to them.1 Net neutrality enables freedom which makes people believe that net neutrality would cause the amount of illegal activity to increase. But on the contrary, one of the intents of net neutrality is to provide everybody with the best experience they can get. This includes preventing moderating and catching illegal activities such as illegal file sharing. That does not mean it is all good, yes, it does not allow illegal content but, it does allow content that can be offensive. When you get an ISP they give you a pipe and this pipe controls how much internet can get through or how fast your internet is. If you want faster internet you can pay your ISP and they will adjust the size of your pipe but if there is another person who is willing to pay more than you they would adjust the size of your pipe so that the other person’s pipe could be bigger and they do not have to tell you. They can also slow down other services that they do not like and speed up services they do like.

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For example, you have verizon as an ISP and they do not like hulu they might make hulu run slower. Net neutrality does not allow this kind of activities. Let’s say Stop and Shop sells wants to sell cookies, Nestlé want them to advertise their products, but so does Chips Ahoy and Nilla. Stop and shop makes them pay and the one who pays the most get the best spot and the 2nd most gets 2nd best spot and the one that pays the least does not even get on the shelf. With all this evidence, I believe that we should not use net neutrality and keep things the way they are. As of June of 2018 net neutrality is not in effect.


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