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Concept Paper: Analysis Of Canine Clips

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Canine Clips is an animal grooming business. Most pet owners like to have their pets professionally groomed and this is the service they can receive through Canine Clips. At Canine Clips animals can be bathed, shaved, nail trim, hair blown out, ears cleaned, gland expression and hair brushed. Pet grooming is a potential grow business and Canine Clips could grow its business. Americans spend roughly $4 billion dollars a year on pet grooming. The pet services category is the fastest growing one compared to other pet stuff such as, food and medical expenses. With pets in over 45 million American homes pet grooming is on the rise. Americans like to have their pets groomed for a variety of reasons and will continue to want their pets to be groomed. Canine Clips wants to help meet these needs for the pets in their area. If Canine Clips is successful, they could expand to other cities in the surrounding area and hire more employees.


The service that Canine Clips will be providing is pet grooming. There are many other grooming businesses out there but what makes Canine Clips differ from other grooming shops is it is not only a dog or cat grooming business. Canine Clips will groom any pet you have that needs groomed. Be it a coyote, fox, ferret, or guinea pig, Canine Clips will groom your pet for you. Canine Clips is also willing to groom bigger dogs. Some grooming shops do not like to take big dogs as they can be difficult to groom especially in an allotted amount of time. Canine Clips is willing to groom big dogs. Canine Clips also offers the best care for your pet. Other grooming shops will rush your pet through a groom to get them done fast and out the door. This can stress out your pet and cause them to be unhappy. Canine Clips takes their time and if they sense your pet needs a break they will give your pet a break. It is not all about how many pets can be groomed in a day but that your pet comes out feeling clean and happy.

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Target Market

The characteristics of the target market would be family values, safety and protection, and a nurturing environment. A study done showed that most pet owners have traditional families. So pet owners probably appeal to the same things for there pets as they do their family. The best way to appeal to this market would be to figure out who they are, how they think and what their hot buttons are. Once you know that you will know how best to market to your target audience. By figuring out who your pet owners are you can pinpoint geographically where most are located and set up shop in this area. By knowing how they think you can make adds that appeal to this. If a pet owners dog sleeps in bed with them they most likely want a clean dog.

So, make an ad around this. Their hot buttons are other areas you could do ads on. Like something along the lines of, your family values are as important to us as they are to you. Your pet is treated just like family here at Canine Clips. The time of year can affect your target market as well. When the holidays are looming, people have visitors or visit friends and family. So, why not hit on this to have a clean pet for the holidays. During the summer, pets tend to get dirtier from being outside more and hold onto a lot more dirt, weeds, foxtails, etc. If Canine Clips hits the right targets its potential for growth is huge. The pet grooming industry is a $6 billion a year industry and growing at a firm pace. Even during the recession pet grooming stood firm proving their resilience. You cannot go wrong with a pet business from an Investors standpoint. So, if Canine Clips knows its target market it has a great chance of potential growth. Competitive AdvantageThe competitors of Canine Clips would be other groomers in the area especially big corporate groomers. The advantage other competitors have is, if they have been around for a while they have already established a customer base. These customers know their clients and exactly how they like their dogs to be groomed. A big corporate grooming business has an advantage by being well known and are usually in pet stores as well, so customers can get their pet shopping done while their dog is being groomed. A disadvantage of a corporate grooming business is locals sometimes like to give their business to a smaller company instead of a big corporate business.

Also, corporate groomers often have an allocated amount of time to get a certain number of dogs groomed so they rush dogs through grooming. By rushing a pet through this and not giving them a break, it can really stress out a customer’s pet. A disadvantage of other smaller grooming businesses is, they tend to not groom bigger dogs or cats. The competitive advantage that Canine Clips has is, they are willing to groom an assortment of pets not just cats and dogs, they will groom big dogs, and not rush pets through a visit. By willing to groom cats and big dogs, Canine clips has a wider range of customers than another shop who may not be willing to do this. Also, people often want the best treatment of their pets so, if a groomer is willing to take their time and not stress their pet out they are more likely to choose a smaller shop. Marketing When marketing Canine Clips will be sure to hit the 4ps; product, place, price, and promotion. A price strategy Canine Clips would first approach is an opening sale to attract new business. Canine Clips would be sure to let customers know these are not set prices and they are just promotional. By doing these original prices Canine Clips could potentially draw in new customers and build trust with them. Canine Clips will run some promotions like, get your pet groomed 10 times the 11th time is half off. Canine Clips will use social media to advertise their business, as today social media is the best way to reach out to people. Especially the younger generations who are really into the well-being of their pets. Canine Clips has come up with their name so they will be one of the first listed groomers to come up when you look in the phone book. Canine Clips will post fliers around town and ask friends and family to spread the word that they are a business. Show pictures of the work that they have had done on their pets and discuss the great way they felt their pets were treated. Canine Clips will also keep their eyes open for posts on social media for people looking for a groomer in the area this way they can recommend themselves.


The key players for Canine Clips will be the owner, supervisor and groomers. The owner has grooming experience, knowledge on running a business, and accounting skills. This knowledge is important because the owner can than help other groomers or even train new ones. With background knowledge on how to run a business the owner will have an idea of how-to best market and promote the business. She will have an idea of what works and what does not. By having accounting experience, the owner will not have to hire an accountant for all Canine Clips accounting needs. The supervisor will also have grooming knowledge and knowledge on how to run a business especially how to supervise employees. Canine Clips wants a supervisor that has emotional intelligence, great at motivating and is more Theory Y. The supervisor would help screen new groomers to come and work Canine Clips. Groomers who she believes would benefit Canine Clips by brining in ethics and more customers. Canine Clips’ business ethics are to be kind and calm with the animals. When being groomed, some animals can get anxious and may try to snap at the groomer. Groomers are to not get mean with the animals when they do this. They are to treat the animal with kindness and try to calm them down. If they need, give the animal a pet. They are not in a hurry to get these animals groomed.


The strengths of Canine Clips are compassion, patience and creating a comfortable atmosphere. The weakness of Canine Clips is lower end equipment compared to a business with a higher budget. With Canine Clips being a new business, its biggest need would be customers and better equipment. With more customers, Canine Clips can afford better equipment. With Canine Clips main goal being about the needs of the pet and not profit, customers will appreciate this environment for their pet. This can attract more customers helping Canine Clips to be very profitable. The pet industry is growing rapidly so a need for more grooming shops is on arise. Key learning that was addressed in this paper was 4ps, motivational, and management structure. The 4ps of marketing are product, price, promotional, and place. Canine Clips has made sure to hit on all four of this when advertising their business. Canine Clips wants to make sure they have a motivational leadership and management system in place. Canine Clips has a business structure in place with an owner, supervisor(s) and employees.


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