Concert Report on Latin Urban Pop and Reggaeton

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Pleasant Event

I decided to do my second concert report on Latin urban pop and Reggaeton music.I decided to write my report on this because this is my favorite type of music to listen to on an everyday basis.The concert I went to go see is a Latin boyband called CNCO whose members come from a different multicultural background.As we got in, I could see a lot of people in the lobby either talking, waiting in line for the bathroom, or inline where they sell the bands’ merchandise. CNCO came out with golden blazers and they started with one of their biggest hits.

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My Impressions And Emotions

I was very excited when my mom surprised me with tickets to go see them.As my mom and I got to the theater I could see a whole bunch of people in three lines trying to hurry up and get in.I also noticed that a lot of people dressed up semi-formal or either in the band’s merchandise.As my mom and I got to our seats I could hear a lot of people chatting around meanwhile music was being played in the background. Once the lights when out everyone started screaming and yelling when the lights when back on everyone had their phones out recording them. As I looked around the crowd everyone was on their feet dancing and singing along getting into the groove of the music. Ropes were hanging from the ceiling and they swung down to the main stage.

The Best Night of My Life

The bass from their songs will rumble through the whole theater and you could feel it all over your body.As they would sing and dance you feel the energy in the room gets louder and more pumped than it was before. They had put in all of the work throughout their whole concert and after a song or two, they would start to talk to the audience. in their feelings because I saw was everyone putting on the flashlights from their phones, raising their hands in the air and moving them from side to side. In their last album, their music had a slower tempo with an upbeat here and there and now their album is more upbeat. They would also read letters that the fans wrote to them before singing a song that’s for the fans. CNCO had a brought-out Prince Royce (a Latin pop star) as a special guest to sing with them their hit single Llegaste Tu. When they would play romantic songs I could hear the emotion in their voices that almost match with the tone of the song and it would get the audience They would also sing from old songs from their past albums and I could tell how far they have grown as musicians. When the concert ended, all I could think about was that was the best night of my life. The experience for me was unreal and that no matter how many times I would hear their songs nothing beats than hearing it live. That night I had so many emotions running through me that I still couldn’t believe I got to see them live in concert.

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