Conflict in Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

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Conflict In Girl By Jamaica Kincaid 

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There are many issues within the sex. A lot of queer studies show it. Some stories like, “girl “ and “Love “prove how one another is supposed to be like based on gender. Some of the stories prove that gender plays a role in this based on societal expectations. Both stories prove that genders are taught to do certain things based on their identity. The lessons mainly are focused on his sexuality and personal identity. From a female’s perspective, a reader can analyze the gender roles that the story shows throughout the narrative. The story shows how an elderly figure would want the girl to turn out in life. The story proves how gender roles are presented. It shows how differently others’ mindsets can be based on age. It implies the motherly and daughter relationship. The story is based on how an elderly figure wants what’s best for the younger girl. It has very vague advice, it shows that it can be helpful to one another. The short story, “Girl “ by Jamaica Kincaid, proves that women are told to be more feminine and follow societal expectations.

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The tone is shown in “Girl by Jamaica Kincaid. In the story, the elderly figure sets a tone that is very obnoxious but trying to tell the girl what’s best for her. Throughout the story, you can see how the tone is shown there. You can see how the tone plays a role in societal expectations. For example in “Girl “, in lines 29 – 30, “This is how to behave in the presence of men who don’t know you very well, and this way they won’t recognize immediately the slut I have warned you against becoming “. This tone is showing that the elderly figure is a bit harsh because the girl is taught to act a certain way, so people don’t see you how you are and following societal expectations. The tone shown in this story is a bit demanding and the elder character is the more dominant one towards the girl.

Conflict is shown throughout the story “Girl “ by Jamaica Kincaid. It shows conflict because it shows how society can be and what is expected from society. It shows how it impacts others in a way.

Conflict is shown in the story “Girl “ by Jamaica Kincaid. It proves that it’s external and internal with others. It’s showing its external, because of the idea of gender roles being shown in the short story. Throughout the whole story, the girl is getting lectures and demands on how to do things. For example, it stated, “ wash the white clothes on Monday and put them on the stone, wash the color clothes on Tuesday and hang them up on the clothesline “. This shows conflict because it shows how demanding the elderly figure is and how to do certain things creatively.

In conclusion, the story girl shows tone and conflict throughout the whole short story. It proves how society can be. It proves how women are seen as if they act as such. It proves that society can be judgments on gender roles.

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