Conflict Resolution and Time Management

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Inter-personal conflict has now become a daily sort of chore. It can happen right from the root level to organizational levels and even in relationships. It is inevitable when you work in a team and try to co-exist with your peers. Smoothing over the problem results in squabble as well since on the outer side everybody seems to be with harmony but on the inside lies the burning desire of animosity. However, one needs to learn the art of overcoming such squabbles and also the hidden problems which surface due to it. The earlier one knows about such circumstances, the better it is because no one gets to make a proper notion of it and hence decision can be impartial and withstanding just results. Various ways by which one can tackle these are by identifying the source of disagreement i.e gathering more information regarding what caused it, requesting solutions from others as well as the ones who are involved in the dispute, reaching a mutual agreement which in turn doesn’t give rise to another quarrel.

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One can expect to solve such come into conflict situations by increasing the group cohesion such that members gel with each other perfectly and develop a sense of comprehension among them. Also one should explore other options and then even look for facts which support them aptly. The end product should always be the one which benefits the team as a whole and also both the disputant parties.

Time management is another such attribute which one needs to take care of , if he/she has to success in her endeavors. It is one of the most important attribute for students as well as the key to the success of highly acclaimed individuals. Time management in technical term simply means, the way in which you organize yourself and you plans for specific activities. Prioritization is one such skill which one should master to overcome the lack of time-management. Elimination of redundant stuff and sorting according to urgency is what one needs the most while trying to master this trait. One who follows it reaps beneficial rewards such as greater productivity and efficiency, a better professional reputation and less stress during wee hours. However, the one who fails to obey with it, perishes no sooner than later as he/she develops inefficient workflow and builds for himself a poor reputation among his colleagues. Procastination is the common enemy among those who try to inculcate time-management skills.

A lively example of time management would be the way various organizations work with giving utmost respect to time and not being rude to it. A student who manages his time well excels not only in studies but also in co-curricular activities resulting in him being apart from the usual crowd. It is this reason which helps them identify and pick their moments and have different perspectives as compared to others. I as a student, usually manage my time such that there is enough time for play as well as study, since all study and no play makes jack a dull boy. The one who juggles well between activities rules the roster which is one of the implied rules of achieving success.

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