Conflicts and Their Resolutions in a Company: an Analysis

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The new strategies and implementations that characterize human resource management and industrial relations have impacted the current industrial regulations, and Enpark Company is no exception. Enpark Company operates in Middle East through facilitation of environmental and energy sectors. In so doing, Enpark generated interest in the employment relations across the globe. It is not only undertaken at the level of the CEO of the company, but across the whole management. As such, Enpark has strategized in developing managers who are conscious of the employees needs. Ideally, incorporating employment practices and commercial needs enhances the realization of the strategic goals for the organization. Various theories have been identified that address employment relations. These include system theory, human resource management theory, and strategic choice theory among others (Randhawa, 2007).

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Conflict is an inevitable phenomenon in an organization. A company needs to understand the existence of conflict in its activities in order to realize the beneficial effects of the conflict. Conflicts may arise in numerous ways and scenarios in an organization. More often is the conflict between employee and employer. The demands for employees are numerous, and the management cannot be able to meet all the required demands at the available resources of the company. According to Rahim (2010), the drive to accept the existence of organizational conflict and incorporate it as part of the organization’s activities, will be beneficial to the entity rather than enacting strategies to counter the demise. The indirect and direct costs associated with conflicts have been a key factor in enhancing the management to comply with the existence of conflict.

Although conflict in an organization is mandatory, it can inflict negative implications on the success of the organization. For instance, as a manager, one should be able to understand the demands of the workers and highlight the improvements that the organization needs to undertake. Most of the employee/employer conflicts arise from lack of understanding among themselves (Randhawa, 2007). Indeed, often the employers tend to ignore the changing needs of the employees, and focuses on the prosperity of the entity. Communication, both bottom-top and top-bottom, is vital for an organization. In the case of shareholders/management conflict, the management should strategize on the ways in which the shareholders demands are met. Shareholders are the ‘backbone’ of an organization, and their demands should be addressed amicably. In my opinion, communication in the work place reduces conflict in the organization (Leatherbarrow & Fletcher, 2010).

Consequently, conflict resolution strategies should be undertaken in the organization. Ineffective management of conflict can lead to deterioration of rapport between the people involved, distrust, and perhaps alienation and burnout. Unfortunately, some organizations have norms that urge front-line service providers to suppress their suggestions for changes. One of the conflict management strategies is the traditional conflict resolution, which does not question whether the structure and processes of an organization are deficient that cause dysfunctional conflict (Rahim, 2010). These strategies have little or no link to organizational learning and effectiveness. Supervisors and employees in today’s organizations are required to change their behaviors so that they can respond to the challenge of intense global competition. However, conflict resolution strategies are unsuitable for bringing about these changes.

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