Connection Between Product Placement and Movies

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The area of arts is becoming a popular area of study in marketing, for instance how museums or classical music concerts started to consume as a cultural product. Brands, through various presences, make use of the arts through this concept. For example to join into a cultural event as a brand and to give promotion or manipulation in movies, which we will focus on. More clearly, product placement in movies as a marketing techniques. The study was to use and explore how effective traditional marketing tools can be used alongside nontraditional, non intrusive forms of marketing, like product placement. The case that I have chosen to study is about manipulations in movies trough product placement.

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The article looks at a firm that uses product placement of their brands in movies by different means, researchers expresses it like a “product placement” as a “ brand placement”. In context of movies, the literature can be divided into three group of studies;

First one, studies have been conducted to assess people’s attitudes towards the practice itself. Consumers mostly have positive demeanours towards product placement in movies except when the products being promoted are ethically changed like tobacco products, alcohol, firearms.

The second group of studies are about the factors impacting how effective the product placement is. To do with the consumer response to recall and recognition (can they remember the product after seeing it on screen)Where the product ıs placed in the film and how it is included in the story have a large effect on recall but not necessarily on making people want to buy the product.

The final group of studies have looked at managers’ opinions about product placement in movies as a unique marketing communication. They conclude that successful product placement is about using the product in a positive way and for a long amount of time.

Final result of this literature, scientific knowledge does not look well integrated impact on effectiveness of traditional marketing communication into researches. researches may forgot about distinctive features (unobtrusiveness), effectiveness that depends on specific manner of which information transmitted to viewers thats creative execution. Length of product placement is based on mode of presentation (visual, audio or both) or connection with scene. At this point detecting suitable conjunction is important for effectiveness.

Product placement focuses on influence of structural elements like prominence degree of relationship with scene or consumer responses. Like advertisements product placement is a marketing communication tool. For researches it’s important to pay attention on execution strategies to get maximum effect on conditionals

The second Article, ‘Does Bond’s product placement go to far?’, focuses on the use of product placement in the popular James Bond movie franchise. In contrast to the first article, which claims that product placement works and is accepted by the audience, this article asks wether product placement can take away from the film itself and instead turn it into a feature length advert. The latest Bond film will have 12 brand partners.

The article mentions the various products placed through out the film, ‘Eva Green asks Daniel Craig if his watch is a Rolex, “Omega”, he replies.’, ‘Pierce Brosnan driving a tank through a perfectly framed Perrier lorry’ and swapping vodka martins for Heineken beer. The article describes how Bond franchise is particularly popular for product placement because James Bond’s ‘eye for luxury is so well established’.

The evidence that product placement has been successful in Bond films is clear. At the end of the ‘Skyfall’ film Bond picks up an old Barbour coat, that jacket then sold out, ‘they were retailing for 400 pounds, and soon people were selling them on eBay for 2’000 pounds.’ However, the article also discusses the negative impact the product placement has for viewers. When a product has obviously been placed in the film, such as the Omega watch, which Bond fans know is a Rolex in the original books, the viewer realises the product has been placed there and they feel it takes away from the films originality. For example ‘the chorus of complaints when he swapped vodka martins for beer in Skyfall.

First article gives credit to the situation as a study in marketing and tring to analyse the strategies. Approach of this article gives affirmations, to transform the situation into a useful level. On the other hand the second articles attitude is more dissatisfied. Second one focuses on James Bond movies however these are extreme examples. So these doesn’t has to be that clear all the time. Millions of pounds is spend on product placement in these movies this may be the reason the product placement is less well received. If the product placement ıs on a lower, normal scale, the first article is more likely to be correct approach. At the end these manipulations will affect us any way and to hold it in a more controlled level, at least to systemising the point of ‘how it works’, is important and can be useful. As you see with this methodology we can move from unconsciousness to level of consciousness.

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