Connection: Communication Skill as a Driving Factor


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People will follow you if you are able to communicate on a high level that connects others to you. Your ability of being personable, refreshing and admirable will create a connection that makes others want to associate themselves with you. The greatest leaders of all time had the ability to connect with others. Presidents will only win the race when they can establish a solid connection with their audience because even though they might be speaking to a million people, individuals love when they feel that they’re being talked to personally .

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To become a true leader, you must establish a connection with ones heart prior to ever asking them to do anything. People will only listen if you are able to establish that connection . True connections do not necessarily need to occur with just massive groups of listeners, it needs to occur when you are speaking to someone individually as well. To be credible, you must establish a genuine connection. You can not be the nice guy and pretend to care for someone else, a true leader will show empathy and allow themselves to involve emotion.  Look at others individually, not in a group setting. You may have an entire baseball team standing in front of you but what you should see is truly there is 14 individual ball players. By doing this, you will establish a connection with each one of them and they will respect you as a leader much more. 

A connection will not be established and will not be the duty of one of your followers. It is solely your responsibility to establish a meaningful, thoughtful connection with others. Some of the greatest military leaders in the most historic wars were only followed by others into battle because of their understanding of connection.  These leaders knew their soldiers on a first name basis, knew their families, knew where they even lived. It was only this level of connection that made others wish to follow their leaders. Allowing yourself to establish a connection is not a sign of weakness just because your emotions are involved. 

Establishing this connection demonstrates to others that you are in fact human too and you have the ability to care for others. Just because someone is one of your employees does not mean that they don’t go home and live a life just like yourself. When people feel cared about and are not just another number in a massive system, they will work harder and will choose to follow your command. If you are just another number, you will not have the work ethic of a superstar because there is no desire to do great things for people that do not care about you. 

The greatest professors that I have ever had at NAU were only so great because of their ability to connect with other students. You were not just another number getting grades, you were someone with a life just like themselves Chapter Takeaway In hospitality, it is essential to establish connections with other people. All that we do in this industry is be personable and lively with others to make them feel that they are cared for and respected. Turns out, that is all that this law of connection talks about but it is establishing this connection with your fellow co-workers. 

You can never ask someone to do something for you prior to establishing a connection, even if you do ask them they will not perform at the best of their capabilities. Individuals work their hardest for others that are leaders to them, someone that is respectable and most importantly someone that actually cares about them. In order to establish a strong connection, you must be honest and not just the “nice guy”. 

When you lie to others or are being a fake person, you’re doing much more to hurt them. Being nice is mean, therefore when you are attempting to create a connection it must be genuine and coming from the heart. When it is true, others will notice and they will follow you because you are a trusted leader of the way and someone worth working for. My best work as a manager was when I established an honest connection with each one of my employees.

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